Meet The Hyderabadi Techie Who Travels 200kms Every Weekend Just To Do Dairy Farming!


Charan Chelloju – B.Tech (2015) complete chesi software job chesthune tanaki istamaina Dairy farming chesthunadu. Every Friday night 200kms dooram lo unna sontha ooru Peddapally ki bailderthadu, malli Monday poddunaki Hyderabad lo untadu. He does all this to take care of his dairy farm.

1. Passion

Being a B.Tech graduate, he is always passionate about farming. He wants to introduce new techniques into dairy farming, so he selected Azolla (High protein fodder) cultivation. What is Azolla: Azolla is a free floating water fern that floats in water and fixes nitrogen. Azolla contains 25–35% protein on dry weight basis and rich in essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and carotenoids including the antioxidant b carotene.
Benefits: 10-15% Increase in milk production and fat.We can reduce 1Kg of feed concentrate by giving 2Kg of Azolla.


2. Extensive Research

Farm start chese mundhu chala research and ground work chesadu. 3 months patu chala dairy farms tirigi entho nerchukunadu. Hyderabad loni tana inti pakkane oka dairy farm undatam tho roju poddune akkadki velli kasepu undi, akkada vallatho matladi appudu office ki vellevadu.


3. Commitment

Evari mida aadhara padakunda own ga modhalupettali ani personal loan tiskuni sontha ooru aina peddapally lo Murrah buffalo’s tho dairy farm start chesadu. Andharu risk endhuku, happy ga job cheskochu kadha ani nirutsaha parichina, enni problems edhuru ochina oka challenge ga tiskuni ippudu successful ayyadu.


4. Support

Weekdays Hyderabad lo work chestadu, so aa 5 days akkada antha valla parents chuskuntaru. Alage relatives, nearby dairy farmers and friends chala help chesaru ani cheptunadu. Recently, Dr. Rajanna garu (Joint Director for Animal Husbandry of Peddapally District) and Mandal veterinary doctor Kamlaker garu visited the dairy farm and gave a very good feedback for cultivating Azolla.


5. Dedication

Even though he studied in Telugu medium till 10 th , he is good at studies and secured a job through campus placement. Job chestu farming cheyadam is nowhere an easy task. He is the first person in his district to cultivate Azolla and he is also helping other farmers who are interested in this. They don’t add water, chemicals and any other powders. 100 % pure (Pattu paalu) is already being served to many people.


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