This Fan’s Open Letter To SS Rajamouli About The Experience Baahubali Gave Her Is Totally Spot On!


Contributed By Alekya


Dear SSR Sir,

Firstly, Thanking God for letting me witness the Baahubali period in Indian history!

If you are trying to sit back and relax after releasing this magnum opus THE GREAT BAAHUBALI, then please don’t. Not just TFI, but Indian cinema needs you. I am an ardent admirer of your work, I really don’t know if you will actually read this.

I followed every video, interview, news, fb post, twitter tweet related to Baahubali right from day1. How could someone even imagine such a powerful story where emotions were carried through out. Now I totally understand why people call you as a movie magician. I am no star fan, I am only a Cinema lover. I am just a common girl who loves cinema to the core.

I just came home from theater. I have never written to any other cinema technician before. I couldn’t resist myself from writing this today. I couldn’t control myself during the scenes that were leading Kattappa to kill Baahubali. I tried to check my friends. They were trying to hide their tears as well. Every character was so powerful and justified so beautifully.

Instead of thanking you for giving all Indians such a masterful movie, I would like to thank your parents for giving birth to you in our country, in our state. According to me, you are the only person who can reach the benchmark that has been set by you.

I knew, in this life of mine, I cannot really get associated to cinema in any way because cinema itself is a creative and talented field and I do not possess that. So, for this janma, I will choose to be that crazy cinema lover as always. But hypothetically, if god gives me a chance to change anything in my life, then I wouldn’t mind learning any one craft out of 24 and join as your student.

However, I consider you as my virtual guru. I have already learnt 3 things from you.
1) Never let success affect you. Stay grounded.
2) Dream big. Work hard to make those dreams come true.
3) Don’t speak much. let your work talk about you

Thanks for making me fall in love with CINEMA again!!

Maahishmathi lives long!! (in my heart)

-A happy cinema lover!


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