This Fan’s Emotional Open Letter To Rana Daggubati Is Pure Gold!


Contributed By Suveda B


Before you just hit the next button assuming this a fan mail, no sir it isn’t. This is a letter to the man who has earned all my respect!

Thank you sir.

It’s generally said that broken hearts are the ones that can generate the strongest of art. If you ask me it comes from strong souls that can churn out the pain and take out words when it seems that the void is unbearable, we see that in you sir.

While everyone is seeing a spark in you from afar, I know its this raging fire in you that is creating a light that seems like a Twinkle to everyone. You always have been one of those few hero’s who stood against all odd and myths that movies all are about 5 songs one item song a beautiful heroin and a comedy track and you have let that message out loud and clear right from your first movie 7 years back with a game changer called “LEADER”. Someone with your body, height, that voice is totally rare.

Not to forget, the kind of back up you have, legends by your side but you never let that effect you. From day one you have never stopped surprising us right from ARJUN PRASAD in leader to ARJUN VARMA in Ghazi and obviously the magnum opus Bhallaladeva.

Entha fan aina naku ye 10 mins into your character Kattappa garu veseyyandi andi veedni anipinchindi. You have lived in that character! Oka villain ki antha la arichindi kuda meeku maathrame anukunta sir.

You have been that one person who has yet again proved if you really want to tell a story with all your will,strength and passion the whole country will stand out for and, thanks once again for proving us that our TFI isn’t just a regional but the nation’s epicenter for great movie via your Hindi movies being made right in our city of Hyderabad.

At-last I would like to tell you one last thing in this never ending letter is that in midst of your struggles, you will find a reason to keep going….Don’t give up, make your heart the most beautiful thing in you .

I know you would be wondering who the hell is this 17year old girl telling me to work hard what has she achieved in life? Well nothing sir .It’s just one of those few things that you feel… That you will be on epitome of success within no time and I would love to start out there in first row clapping for you and your success.


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