10 Movie Posters That Are Hard To Believe That They’re Fan-Made


Oka cinema pai unna interest ni 100 times penchagalige power Posters ki undhi. Saraina poster okati padithe cinema ki vellali ane aasa audience lo easy ga puttestundi. Favorite hero first look kosam wait chese vaalam manalo chaala mande unnam. Kaani vaalu first look release chese lopu wait chesthu undalem kadaa. Mana hero poster ela untundi ani manalo unna designer fans oka imagination cheskuni vaatini posters ga designs chesi vaalu anandapadutunnaru migilina fans ni aananda parustunnaru… Ee madhya konni posters aithe official posters antha quality and proficiency tho unnayi. Here some of them which made us awestruck.


1. Rajini – AR (new movie)
Designed by : Zillion Pixels

2. Goodachari 2
Designed by : The Deezyns

3. Saaho
Designed by : Nikhil Anudeep

4. Jersey
Designed by : Rd Dzyns

5. Maharshi
Designed by : A & A Creations

6. 2.0
Designed by : Nikhil Anudeep

7. Syeraa
Designed by : Unknown

8. Agnyaathavaasi
Designed by : SD Sagar

9. RRR
Designed by : Posters Mania

10. Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India
Designed by : Charan Sai


Okkokka designer nundi teeskunna sample fan made posters maatrame ivi, Inkaa vaallalo chaala undhi daachaaru anthe. Hope they will get more opportunities and come up with such amazing poster concepts.


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