Other Than Manoj Bajpayee And Samantha Here Are Some Other Interesting Elements We Love In Family Man

Family man di kotha season ochi almost one month avvabothundhi. Inka andharu cover chese untaru gaa? Mundhe monnati daaka lockdown unde kabbati, chese untaru. Aa assumption thone ee article rayadam jarugutundhi. Okavela chudaledhu and miku spoilers ishtam ledhu antey, tondarga ee article skip cheseyandi… because this article is full of spoilers my dear!

Family man release ainappudu nunchi there were 2 things that were mostly talked about. And they are Chellam sir and mana samantha’s exemplary acting. Internet mottham chellam sir memes inka Samantha appreciation posts tho nindi poyayi. Mana valla gurinchi telsinde kada andi.

Highlight ainavi ee rende kaani, there were little things in family man 2 that we all equally loved. Randi chusedham avvi ento.

Atharv saar, atharv anthe!

Asalu akka ki oka boyfriend unnadu, adhi vadithone tirugutundhi ani firstuuu nunchi cheptune unnadu. Okkadu pattinchukoledhu papam. Edho pichi music chesthu, televi leni vaadu ani anukuntaara maa atharv ni, last ki chudandi entha pedda penta aindho.

Maa office lo party undhi ani Suchi antey ‘Don’t worry suchi, I ll come to your office’ ani antadu. Valla daddy Kolkata ellipotunde ‘Come dad, I ll drop you till the door and don’t worry I ll call you every day’ ani valla daddy tho antadu. Atharv bangaram saar.

Don’t be a minimum guy

Cha. Evadra ee dialogue raasindhi. Ipatiki oka 1000 memes inka andhari ootha padam aipoindhi. Almost prati office lo unde boss ni entha baaga represent chesaroo. That kopam is something every software engineer relates to every day! We feel you, Srikanth anna!

Dosth ante JK, JK ante Dosth!

Srikanth-JK pair season 1 lo manalni entha entertain chesindho, season 2 lo anthaku minchi. Be it giving the best relationship advice, Sri tho unde aa understanding, aa konchem konchem flirting with Umayal, to hospital bed midha unnapudu kuda mission gurinche matladadam. JK is a complete package.

Laagi… pikadam ey

Abababa. Em scene saar em scene asalu. Prati employee Srikanth lo vallani vallu inka aa boss lo valla boss(ante boss ane kadhu vaalla office lo irritate chese candidate ni) uhincheskunnaru. Aa ooha kuda entha bagundho. Asalu season mottham lo the most favourite scene antey adhenemo!

Srikanth’s love for his work

Edho family kosam ishtamaina job ni odhili software lo join aipoina kuda, his mind and heart was 24^7 on the investigations that happened in the force. He wanted to help them even when he wasn’t a part of the squad. That is what passion feels like, maybe. We all loved it, didn’t we?

The counsellor and his copied quotes

Even though, low key we all knew, that’s not how counselling works. But oh my oh. How much did we love watching him using those google quotes.

Kalyan…. Ahaa adhe Salman

Sarle. Terrorist ey kaani, baaga cute ga unnadu kada, makkuda nachadu. Adhi chuse emo mana papa atleast real name kuda teluskokunda love lo padipoindhi. Sarsarlee, next time nunchi aina sarigga untey adhe chalu!

Srikanth and his cooked up stories

Eternal abha these are. Asalu sir by mistake force loki ellaru kaani, writer ayye chances baane unnayi. And the epic scene was when Samantha tells her story and says “My story is real”. Srikanth’s inner feeling might have been like ‘Oka story bokka’

Milind and Zoya

Milind is the character whose death was so disappointing. At least hospital lo aina unchi, next season tevochu kadha ani almost andharamu anukone untamu. The bond between Zoya and Milind, their looking out for each other after the most traumatizing incident, all of it was so heartwarming!

Umayal. The chennai police officer!

Devadarshini garini mana telugu cinemallo chala saarlu chusamu. And this was her pan-India debut with one of the most strongest role. Her splendid acting and the zest to fight for the country was loved by us all.

Srikanth, indeed a family man!

That one scene after the attack that happened on the police station, when Milind died… apudu suchi ki call chesi, em cheppakunda just tana voice vini phone cut cheyyadam, was one of my fav parts of the series!

Adi annamaata sangathi! Miku kuda ivaanni nache untayi ani uhisthu, mi fav moment ni comment lo cheptharu ani asisthu… Ika selavu!

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