Please Stop Sharing Fake WhatsApp Forwards Because People Are Losing Their Lives, Literally


Eerojullo prathi smartphone lo pakkaga install ayyi unde app Whatsapp.
Its one of the best cross-platform messaging service we have today. Entho mandhiki ee app daily driver ga maaripoyindhi, entha ante there are over 200 million monthly active users in India (Feb,2018).


Ee user base ni sustain cheyyatam kosam whatsapp eppatiki appudu kottha features and updates release chesthu untundhi. anthe kakunda presently India lo inkonni challenges face chesthundhi.That is to Minimize and prevent Fake news circulated by forward messages and this is a serious issue that not only Indian Government but also the people are concerned about.


Why Should We Be Concerned About It?

Ee particular roju bayata ekkuva thiragakandi ani, oka particular item thinatam valla health paadu authundhani‘ manaki chala mandhi messages forward chesthu untaru. Ivi rumors ani manam cheppina vinaru. ‘Nijam nippu lantidhi, nippu lenedhi poga raadhu antuu ..Andharu share chesthunte entho kontha nijam untundhi kadha‘ ani aa abaddhanni forward chesthu, information ni misinterpret chesthu..melli melliga ee messaging app ni oka valid source of information kindha marchesaru. Ee fake news le recent 3 months lo 11 mandhi praanalu teesayi and entho mandhi innocent people meedha attacks ki kaaranam ayyayi.

One such Instance happened in May 2018. Rumors regarding a brain-eating and child kidnapping gang spread panic in Hyderabad. Ee rumors Kurnool and Kadapa districts nunchi start ayyi Mehabubnagar, Siddipet, Karimnagar district varuku spread ayyayi. Ee area lo unde prajalu bhayapadatam tho akkadi local police aa chuttu pakka areas anni patrol chesi, alanti gangs evi levani, Whatsapp groups and social media lo circulate ayye ilanti rumors evi nammoddhu ani Campaigns kuda start chesaru.

Ee campaigns chesthunna time lone, akkadi locals ki konthamandi medha anumanam vacchi, Vallu ‘maku emi telyadhu‘ antunna vinakunda,police ki inform cheyyakundane valla medha attack chesaru.Ilantivi total 15 attacks jarigayi and Ee attacks ki guri aina victims lo Mentally-challenged people kuda unnaru.

Here is a timeline of Whatsapp lynchings in India according to The Telegraph, a a national British daily broadsheet newspaper.

These kind of lynchings and mob behavior made the Government and people angry.


Government’s Conditions & How WhatsApp Responded ?

July 3rd 2018-

Ee messaging platform dwara future lo elanti fake news spread avvakunda, Whatsapp konni preventive measures teesukovali ani, Ministry of Electronics and IT, Whatsapp ki oka notice pampindhi.

July 10th 2018-

Ministry of Electronics and IT pampina ee Notice ni consideration loki teesukunna whatsapp, oka kottha feature release chesidhi. One-on-One messages nunchi Forward messages ni distinguish chesela, Forwarded messages ki labeling icchi, Media messages pakkana unde Quick Forwarding shortcut ni remove chesindhi. This adds more steps in the process of forwarding a message.


July 19th 2018-

Fake news and rumors ni contain cheyyali ante ee labeling features saripovu ani, inka effective solutions kavali ani, lekapothe Whasapp meedha Legal action teesukuntam ani Ministry second notice pampindhi. This notice also stated that:
There is a need for bringing in traceability and accountability when a provocative / inflammatory message is detected and a request is made by law enforcement agencies.If they fail to do so, they are liable to be treated as abettors (A person who encourages or assists someone to do something wrong, in particular to commit a crime.)

P.S: But according to Section 79 of the Information Technology actAn intermediary shall not be liable for any third party information, data, or communication link made available or hasted by him” ante Aa fake news anedhi Whatsapp ae direct ga create chesthe gani daani medha mana government Legal action teesukoledhu and Twist enti ante, Ee act prakaram Whatsapp is already protected, since the content of messages sent on it is supposed to be encrypted.
To know more about this Click Here.


July 19th 2018-

Ee notice ni consideration loki teesukuni whatsapp oka kottha feature ni test chestham ani Government ki assurance icchinddi. Aa feature entante-
Oka message ni okasare 5 members kanna ekkuva mandhiki forward cheyyaleru. Ante idhivaruku oka message ni 50 members ki okasari forward chesevallu, ee update release ayyaka 50 members ki adhe message forward cheyyalante aa process ni 10 times repeat cheyyali. Adhe kakunda oka notice kuda release chesindi.


August 10th 2018-

Five chat limit for forwards feature ni implementation loki tecchindhi.
P.S: Ee feature ni only India lo teesukuni ravataniki reason ni whatsapp oka statement lo ila cheppindhi ” India is the market where people forward more messages, photos and videos than any other country in the world.


So, ee fake news anedhi spread avvakunda Government and whatsapp enni preventive measures teesukunna, Final ga vaatini obey cheyyalsindhi, follow avvalsindhi maname. Vacchina ee messages ni edhuti vari manchi kori manam vallaki forward chese mundhu, andhulo entha nijam undhi anedhi manam okatiki rendu sarlu double check chesukovali. Manam matlade prathi maataki entha viluva untundho, pampe prathi forward ki anthe viluva undhi ani ardham chesukovali. Ee process ni modhalu pettindhi maname, muginchalsindhi maname.


Source:,The Indian Express, The Hindu, The quint, The News Minute, The HansIndia, Cis India,, Google.


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