Fahadh Faasil’s Brilliant Movies On Streaming Platforms. Thank Me Later!


Fahadh Faasil.. is a name that I look upto in Malayalam for great movies. I’ve eagerly waited & watched his films in the recent years & I’m surprised by this man’s approach to cinema and his roles. From Bangalore Days to Take Off to Kumbalangi Nights.. The roles that he plays are sooooo different. Like, you just can’t believe that it’s the same person. So if you’re also in awe of this awesome actor, Here’s a list of his brilliant films & Where to watch them on Streaming Platforms.

P.S: The list is in chronological order (Earliest to Latest release).


1. Annayum Rasoolum, 2013

Streaming on: Hotstar & Netflix

This a realistic love story set in Kochi. what happens when Rasool, A muslim guy falls in love with Anna, A Christian girl !? Watch to know.


2. Bangalore Days, 2014

Streaming on: Hotstar

A film that introduced Fahadh to many us. This is the first movie of Fahadh I’ve watched too.


3. Maheshinte Prathikaaram, 2016

Streaming on: Netflix

Meaning ‘Mahesh’s revenge’. I think this is the most sweetest, cutest, heart-warming revenge movie I’ve ever seen. Yes, that’s a very weird sentence, But true. Watch it, You’ll actually be surprised to see his ‘Prathikaaram’.


4. Take Off, 2017

Streaming on: Hotstar

Meeku chepte assal nammaru kaani, Idhe subject, Exactly idhe story ni theeskoni Bollywood lo oka star hero cinema teeste, 300 crores ochai. That is none other than ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’. Yes, you read that right. But, you’ll be shocked to know the actual story, and how the evacuation of Indian nurses struck in Iraq has happened. If you’ve watched Tiger Zinda Hai by any chance, Ika meeru pakka ee film chudali, To know the reality.


5. Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum, 2017

Streaming on: Hotstar

The beauty of Malayalam films is that, The story, The setup, The people everything feels so real and relatable. The confilcts they face also seem very real. For example, In this film, A thief steals a gold chain from a couple. Yep, that’s how the story begins, Watch it.


6. Velaikkaran

Streaming on: Hotstar

Well, Don’t keep your expectations high! Because Fahadh will be seen only in a short (but yet very important) role.


7. Vaarathan, 2018

Streaming on: Hotstar

Maaanchi class-meets-mass commercial cinema anamata. Manam Telugu lo enno Maass movies chusi untam, Kani idhi Malayalam masss, You have to witness it, anthe.


8. Carbon, 2018

Streaming on: Zee5

This film is a visual heaven. Though the story progresses slowly you’ll surprised by the performances and the visuals.


9. Njan Prakashan, 2018

Streaming on: Netflix

‘Life lo assal kashtapadodhu, Manushulni mosam chesi, Bluff chesi, Manam bagunte chalu’ ane typical malayali Prakashan. Alanti mindset nunchi start ayyi, Oka full graph curve teeskuntadhi, Prakashan life. The film is emotional in mysterious ways. Oka manchi heart-warming watch.


10. Super Deluxe, 2019

Streaming on: Netflix

One of the best Tamil movies of not just this year, But this decade. Asal ee film gurinchi entha cheppina thakkuve, Life ante enti, Ane question ni oka mindf*** way lo explain chestadi ee cinema. Watch out for Fahadh’s role & his dark humor in the film. Masth enjoy chestaru.


11. Kumbalangi Nights, 2019

Streaming on: Prime Video

‘Toxic Masculinity’ & the way its portrayed in films.. ane topic meedha ee year masth godavalu ayyayi social media lo. But ‘Toxic Masculinity’ ni ee movie lo chupinchinantha perfect ga recent ga inka ye movie lo ledhu. I don’t want to spoil for those who haven’t watched it yet, Please watch, Because..

This is one of the most beautiful movies of the year. Directed by Madhu C Narayanan, Kumbalangi Nights was lauded by audience and critics all over for authentically portraying the ‘masculinity’ through the roles of 4 brothers and Fahaad’s role. I was lucky enough to witness the movie and its beauty in theatres. Thanks to multiplexes, the film was screened in Hyderabad for 50 days.


Of course ivi kaaka inka manchi movies unnai, But the thing is they are not available to stream anywhere. Shoutout to films like, Athiran and many more.

Fahadh, We hope to more and more great movies from you, You genius of an actor.


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