6 Facts About Telangana Language That You Probably Did Not Know!

Just a small search of Telangana Language on the internet was enough to leave us in awe of the much underrated language of the newly formed state. The greatness, history and the potential of the language is indeed lost in the clutter of media that makes it out to be merely a way of creating comic relief. Chai Bisket intended to bring forth the facts that we found about Telangana Language with this piece.
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Trilinga desam, which refers to Draksharamam, Srisailam and SriKaleswaram combined was the old name for The Telugu desam. Trilinga later evolved to Telinga, Telunga and further to Telangana and Telugu as a much more usable word for the people.
Telangana language along with Telugu is also influenced by Marathi as the erstwhile Hyderabad state consisted of a good chunk of Marathi speaking citizens in Marathwada.
This is mostly because of the diverse and mixed influences of both the ends of the nation.
Contrary to popular belief and treatment of Telangana language for humour, writings of Tikkana had words that are predominantly from the Telangana language.
While Telugu consists of 56 alphabet, usage of Telangana only requires 25 both in terms of writing and usage, making it convenient in formal practice.
Ande Sri, a 53 year old unlettered poet, penned the State‚Äôs song ‘Jaya Jaya He Telangana’ which consists of 4 stanzas out of the 12 stanzas that Ande Sri wrote over a span of 7 years.
A small amount of research led to finding out this much about the Telangana Language, it can only be imagined how much more there is to it that is yet to reach the limelight.

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