Here’s Every Thing You Need To Know About Facebook’s New Feature That Will Increase Blood Donations In Our Country!


Blood donation is one of the most significant contributions that a person can make towards the society. It saves lives. In many countries, in many unfortunate situations people are losing lives because they do not blood for the transfusion. People approach blood banks, organisations, sometime friends. In India, people post thousands of requests for blood donations on Facebook each day in English alone. Facebook is lending a hand to help solve India’s safe blood shortage. Its solution is to leverage its popular social network to put people in touch with blood donor. This new feature helps blood donors, and the people who need it in India to find each other.


On Oct. 1, India’s National Blood Donor Day, Facebook will start prompting users to sign up as blood donors. People will see the prompt in their timelines, and can tag themselves as donors in their profiles, and choose to share this with friends. In the weeks after, it’ll then allow people or organisations seeking blood to create posts to request for it. The post can be geotargeted, so it pushes a notification to tagged donors who are nearer to the seeking party. When donors accept the request, organisations will be able to reach them privately via phone call, or Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp platforms. The feature will first come to Android apps and the mobile web version, which are the ways most Indians interact with Facebook.


The idea for this life-saving feature came out of a Face book hackathon and Hema Budaraju, one of the product managers in facebook, helped make it a reality. Five years ago, Hema found out that her dad had cancer. He received extensive chemotherapy and lost so much blood that he had to have a transfusion every day for a week. Hema and her siblings started reaching out to their friends and family and asking them to donate. Many of them showed up once they realized it would help her dad. For Hema, this meant one thing: “People are willing to help. They just need to know how.”


To all of the partners and all of the donors out there who save lives, you do save the world. Facebook is here inviting people in India to go to to sign up for the good cause.


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