12 Awesome Reasons Why Dating An Extrovert Might Be The Coolest Thing Ever!


Extroverts anagaane manaku Fidaa lo Sai Pallavi or Nenu Local lo NANI laanti characters mind lo already thirigesi untaayi. Apart from a few common characteristics like ever smiling, cool persons and fun to hangout people they are also emotionally too sensitive and okkasari artham cheskunte chaalu itte connect aipothaaru. So, suppose pursuppose if you are dating an extrovert or want to date one then these are a few awesome reasons why this would probably be the best thing.


1. Hopelessly Romantic:

Relation lo ki enter aina dhaggara nundi manalni chaala unique ga chuskuntaaru and romance ki mana quirky fantasies ki correct set aiyye persons veellu.


2. Full Of Surprises:

Every day okka new day ane line ni veellu chaala serious ga theeskuntaaru, too boring ani ekkada anipinchakunda manalni surprise chesthunaaru.


3. Cool People:

Edho formality ki kalavadam or kalisinappudu “Hi” ani silent ga undipovadam laantivi asal jaragavu, vaallatho unna prathi second entertaining ga untundhi and they are coolest persons to hang out with.


4. Extreme Emotions:

Love aina sadness aina, happiness aina anger aina veellaki ani extremes lo untaayi, especially when it is something that is related to us.


5. Masters Of Conversations:

General ga jarige “Hmmm”, “chepu”, “inkenti” laanti irritating words tho jarige conversations ni kuda vaalla style lo unique ga deal chesthaaru.


6. Overwhelming love:

Love ni express cheyadam lo veella tharvathe evaraina.


7. Funny Bones:

Sarcasm and comedy veella body lone untundhi, serious fights and break up conversations edhaina oka sarcastic line or joke lenidhe complete avvadhu veellaki.


8. No Secrets:

Idhi andhari cases lo jaragakapoina most common scenario, they expect us to be the same and keep nothing hidden from us.


9. They Are Caring:

Possessiveness and caring ni mix chesi okka different proportions tho manaku thelini feelings ni choopisthaaru.


10. They are unpredictable:

Life ante too plain ga undakunda manaku constant ga oka thrill ni isthuntaaru veellu,, asalu eppudu em jarguthundho thelikunda.


11. You are the centre of the world for them:

They feel that you are the world for them and anything or everything is related to you and only you.


12. Happiest Persons Ever:

Almost 90% of the time vaallani chaala cool ga and happy ga chusthuntaamu, edhaina okka smile tho deal cheyadam vaalla speciality.


Mimalni artham cheskoni meetho undevaallaki ilaanti characteristics already unnayi ante then you are the luckiest person ever.


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