Exploring Kutch Beyond The White Rann: Offbeat Yet Interesting Places You Need To Visit In 2020


Amitabh bachan ji says ”kutch nahi dekha toh kuch nahi dekha” and the region justifies the quote. Colorful textiles, the gorgeous palaces, villages scenes suspended in time, communities with distinct identities, natural wonders, vast countryside swathes, and the great white salt desert, Kutch is all that and more! Kutch is its humble, self-respecting, warm people opening their arms to the world to come and experience their land.


Highlights and things to do in kutch:

Bhuj is the headquarters of the Kutch district. It’s a historic town from where you can start exploring kutch.


Visit the Darbargadh – or royal palace complex. the Aina mahal, the Italian gothic Prag Mahal palace, and the clock tower are within the complex and the Hamisar Lake behind the old wall boundary.
On one of the evenings visit the Shroff bazaar


Artisan villages and markets:

Bhujodi village, Ajrakpur, Ludhiya/Gandhinugham are some of the artisan villages around Bhuj. Weaving, embroidery, block-printing, Metal bell making, leather works include the list of Kutchi handcrafts. Most artists in kutch are not new-age artisans. Though the art form, techniques and design changed with time, the skill is an age-old practice that has been an integral part of the Kutchi lifestyle from generations.
Living and Learning Design Centre (LLDc) is a consortium of all the kutch crafts and is a must-visit.

If you love antique furniture then visit Ramnik bhai’s workshop on Mandvi road. He has some old, rustic doors and furniture. At the workshop you can catch up with scenes of his men are indulged in the restoration work.


Mandvi beach town:
Visit Royal palaces, private warm water beaches, marvel at the huge traditional hand made wooden ships in making strung in the water and the dilapidated row houses opposite to them.


The great white rann:
To watch the endless Shimmering salt marshes can be such a magnificent experience.

Dhordo is the most popular place to see the desert, that’s where the Rann Utsav is celebrated but i recommend to visit Salt marshes near Dolavira. It’s a little far but it is worth it.


Kutch has a lot of historically significant places, natural wonders like Chadva rakhal – a private forest near samatra village, ruins from Indus valley civilization, wildlife & wilderness and geological wonders like Khaadi nadi.

Kutch justifies the quote ”kutch nahi dekha toh kuch nahi dekha”


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