10 Exciting Moments Passionate Travellers Will Definitely Experience In Their Lives!


The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo.
Travel anedhi oka passion. A vacation is not just a break from work, but work for us is a break we are forced to take from the travelling we keep doing. Memu tourists kaadhu, we are travellers. Ee Madhya travelling ante ishtam anadam oka trend aipoindhi. Ilanti vaalu mainstream places ki velli happy ga untaaru but a true traveller will be happy as long as he/she is travelling. So here are few random moments that get real travellers excited:


1. The message saying your tickets are booked
Nothing gives us more pleasure than having the message and mail of tickets being booked in our inbox.

2. When someone comes to you for travel advice
Oka type of garvam untadhi andharu vachi manlani ekkadiki vellachu ani, emem chudacchu ani aduguthe.

3. Solo trip times!
Manushulu ante ishtam ledhu ani kaadhu kaani when you travel alone ..you know yourself better, lopal ninchi oka happy and free feeling vasthadhi.

4. A sudden trip
Travelling ante ne excited ga untaamu.. Moreover, in the moment decide chesi baiderthe ah thrill eh veru asal! Chaala spontaneous inka adventurous ga untadhi. Sudden trip plans always turn out to be the best plans.

5. Your friends want to join your trip
The more, the merrier antaru ga aalane. Some places you need people to travel – it makes the trip more easy, affordable and safe, especially for girls.

6. The new stories you come across when you see a place
Oka place ki velli sightseeing chesi vacheyadam kaadhu.. Aah place roots and stories thelsukunte you will actually know the place. Most of the stories ni locals ni adigi kannukunte you will really connect with the place.

7. Talking/writing about the holiday
Manamu chuse beautiful sights, vinna wonderful stories ni vere vaala tho share cheskuntu unte entha cheppina chaaladhu anipisthadhi. And when we write about them it’s almost like telling ourselves that it’s all real.

8. Your friends envy your life
They are always complaining about how boring their life is and how they want to steal our lives, manam lopal ninchi full kush iypotham!

9. Find about a new beautiful and affordable place
This is the best asal! A new place that no one knows about adds to your ‘to travel’ list and makes the list never ending

10. Long weekends!
Manam religious kakpoina we want and pray for holidays. Weekend ki okka day atu kaani itu kaani holiday vasthe…inka anthe.. tickets book cheskovadame..

11. Finding someone with the same wanderlust
Instant connection and bond form aipothadhi.. Sometimes, we travel with people whom we don’t know – which, for many, is the best part about travelling.

12. The journey!
Eh trip lo aina journey is as important as the destination. With every kilometre you have covered, you understand that you are nearing your destination. Ilanti journeys lo chaala memories avthai and chaala thelusukuntam janala gurinchi inka places gurinchi.

Travelling puts more things into perspective. It tells us that the world is not always about us. It allows people to see how other people live and what they have to deal with on a daily basis. A big shoutout to all the travellers out there!


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