This Story From The Perspective Of A Rapist Is A Bitter Truth That Our Society Has To Know!


There was no one who ever taught me the difference between right and wrong. Empty roads, a hungry stomach and sleepless nights showed me the harsh realities of life and also introduced me to the world of crime. I am a lone warrior since birth and grew up on the streets of Delhi. Sex and crime were introduced to me as a means to become popular in my world at a very young age. One night, at around 9.30 pm, I boarded a bus to go home after watching a movie. The bus was empty. As I stood on the foot board feeling the cold Delhi winds blew against my face, I lit a Cigarette to keep myself warm. Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption is injurious to health that’s what the first slide in every movie taught me. But the rest two and half hours showed how heroic it will be if I smoke and how much pleasure it gives if I drink. Although I was aware of the adverse effects it would have on my health, I did it anyway. The movies I watched had heroes who smoke and drink, they always seemed to advocate the fact that smoking and drinking had a pleasure inducing effect and that it was “cool”. Also, being a bad boy was somewhat fun.

After a few minutes, the bus halted at a bus stop where two men boarded the vehicle, they were drunk. They caused quite a hassle as one of the men stopped the bus just so he could urinate on the road while the other laughed away and offered me a drink, I finished the whole bottle of Vodka. What amused me the most was how while he urinated, he looked back at me and said,

“Kya dekh raha hai, Chotu? Road ko saaf kar raha hoon”.

Like I mentioned earlier, being a bad boy is somewhat fun. I had finished smoking four cigarettes by then and took to my seat as I was unable to find my centre of balance; I was too drunk. A few minutes later, the bus had stopped again and two people boarded the bus. This time, it was a youthful girl and boy. They must have been friends. One of the men went up to the girl and said “ Meri jaan, ye paise le le aur iss raat ko mere saath aana”. The girl’s friend was furious on hearing this and charged to slap the man only to get beat up on the head with the Vodka bottle. Blood oozed out of his head. The conductor stopped the bus and helped the boy out of the bus, however, he held the girl tight when the bus sped away onto the highway. The girl was tormented; the men groped her, ripped her clothes off, raped her repeatedly and stripped her off her dignity.

A girl was getting raped in the capital of the biggest Democracy in the world and no one could hear her loud cries for help. Suddenly, the men remembered that I was still in the bus. One of them said

“Chotu, Cigar khatam aur daru bhi, abhi ye maal ko try kar le”.

We all know that smoking, drinking and rape is not only a punishable offense but a sin against humanity. Yet, on that night, I knew that I couldn’t stop the men but I could just watch the girl screaming, screeching and squirming in pain. This was another instance in my life where being a bad boy was somewhat fun. I approached the girl and the men pushed me onto her. I could only see tears and helplessness in her eyes. I did not want to violate her.

“Kya dekh rahe hai chotu.. shuru kar” they pushed me on her.

India is a country of rich culture and varied heritage, it is the land of virtue and philosophy, it is also home to millions of men who commit heinous crimes against women. After the Delhi rape case which occurred on 16th December, 2012; the country echoed in support for the courageous “Nirbhaya”, a 23 year old medical student who made the mistake of a lifetime by boarding a private bus with a male companion after watching a movie late at night. She struggled to find medical support at that odd hour of night after being thrown out of a moving bus with the trauma of being raped. We all wanted the most severe and irreversible punishment to be given to the perpetrators of crime in this case- The Death Penalty.

The whole media was repeating the same news. The young India was on roads demanding the death of all criminals. Poor people poor thoughts. It lasted for a month. The girl died, the revolts died, media got some others topics. Ek documentary bhi release hogaya.. “Mai bhi .. ”

“Bhayya ek kings” I asked the shopkeeper.
I lit the cigar and was going through the newspaper.
“Bhayya kya ye release ho gaya?”
” kaun beta?”
” ye Jo us ladki ko rape kiya na.. vo”
” ha . kal release hua. Ye jo laws hai na usme ye juvenile hai. Paristiti ka prabhav se vo aise kiya isi liye usko release kiya.. abhi vo aisehee baith ke kahi pe cigar pita hoga”

I am a 15-year old and raped a girl in a moving bus on the 16th of December, 2012; because I am 15, I was treated as a juvenile. The court says that I was influenced by the other people and had to commit the mistake. They say its not my fault rather it’s the fault of the society where I grew up. They did some counselling and they released me. Yes, I was influenced. Everyone get influenced. I am 15 and I can rape. If you are also 15 Can you too??

THE QUESTION REMAINSSSS!!!!!! Until a law is made. Until that law is strictly implemented.The whole India reacted to that incident in fact the whole world. Yet many incidents have been recording every day. And recently in Vizag. That too on the broad day light. We react to every bad thing that is happening but we fail to respond if it happens right in front of our eyes. We question, we blame, we pity, we forget. We forget what they did and also what we have to do. Few years back, a girl was raped in bus in our capital city, few days back another minor was raped in a foot path. It’s not about the people it’s about our thought process. A video was shot by an auto driver raping that girl, and now people started sharing it online with same quotations as earlier. If the idea of raping a girl is crime, keep in mind that seeing it and staying calm is also a crime. You too are a criminal. In fact we all of us are. Just like the juvenile, we are also getting attracted to the bad.

Dear public,
We urge you, don’t react !! Respond. We never know where and when what will happen.

This article is written only to express the dark side of crime. Though the incident took place years ago, we just took an example to convey few things that are happening around us today. Please forgive if it hurts you!


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