Meet The First-Ever Telugodu To Win 1 Crore In Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu & Know His Story

IPL matches lo akkada pette display car glass ki ball tagili break avvali ani manam IPL season motham ela wait chesthamo, ala Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu lo kuda evaraina one crore gelisthe chudali ani, first episode launch nunchi wait chesthu unnam. The wait is also over. Finally, ninna jarigina episode lo one crore question first time okaru face cheyyadam, quit cheyyakunda answer cheyyadam inka one crore gelavadam anni jarigipoyayi. And it was won by Raja Ravindra, a sub-inspector of police from Bhadradri Kottagudem district in Telangana.

Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu 1cr Question: SI Raja Ravindra Won 1 Crore In Evaru  Meelo Koteeswarudu - Sakshi

This man holds the record of being the first person ever in the history of Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu to win one crore. From facing the one thousand question to the one crore question, his journey on the hot seat was amazing. But his real-life story and his struggles and the milestones he has embarked on in his life are even more inspiring and worth reading about.

Raja Ravindra Bhadradri Kothagudem district lo unna Sujatha Nagar Mandal Headquarters ki belong avtharu. Nanna BVSS Raju oka retired bank employee and amma Sesha Kumari house-wife. Chinnapati nunchi oka normal middle-class life lead chesadu. Wyra lo schooling complete cheskoni, Khammam lo oka private college lo engineering complete chesaru.

Studies complete iyyaka 3 years (2006-2009) software company lo work chesaru. Tarvata group exams ki baaga prepare aiyyi, 2012 lo SI la select aiyyaru. SI position lo tana first posting Karimnagar district lo unna Manthani lo appoint aiyyaru. Daani few years tarvata, Hyderabad ki transfer avvadam tho Cybercrime wing lo Crime Investigation Department (CID) ki 2015 nunchi work chestunnaru.

Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu: Raja Ravindra Won One Crore For First Time  History - Sakshi

Ravindra has a keen interest in shooting. In the year 2019, he won a silver medal in the All India Police Pistol wing. 2018 inka 2019 lo Italy ki velli World Shooting Championship lo kuda participate chesaru. His aim in life is to win an Olympic medal for rifle shooting and he wants to spend a part of his money on achieving this dream.

Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu: Raja Ravindra Won One Crore For First Time  History - Sakshi

Ee prize money gelavadaniki, show ki raavadaniki first reason, tana wife Sindhuja. She acknowledged this her husband has a lot of knowledge, and hence insisted him to compete in this show. Rapid gaa questions adagadam, intlo prepare avvadaniki help cheyyadam kuda valla wife ey chesaru. After his win, his wife stepped down and was seen to be extremely happy.

evaru meelo koteeswarudu 1 crore winner: Raja Ravindra: కోటి గెల్చుకున్న  కొత్తగూడెం పోలీస్.. 'ఎవరు మీలో కోటీశ్వరులు' షోలో చరిత్ర సృష్టించిన రాజా  రవీంద్ర - ntr evaru meelo ...

Questions madyalo NTR tho matladuthu, tana life experiences, crime investigations inka valla son ki unna disease gurinchi share cheskunnaru. His work with cybercrime where he helped in investigating a major case is one of the most interesting things we’ve heard in the episode.

Koduku face chesina Kawasaki syndrome, oka rare disease avvadam tho daani treatment kuda chala expensive aindhi. He spent 70,000 for a single injection. By God’s grace, his son is totally recovered now. And that is why he wants to donate a part of his winning amount towards the health and welfare of kids.

Here’s a glimpse of Raja Ravindra facing the one-crore question and his winning moment. He used his last lifeline, phone a friend, and called a friend who helped him win the one-crore.

The greater part about his story and his journey is that he doesn’t want to stop. He still has his goals to reach and wants to work towards achieving them. Congratulating and also wishing him luck towards his future goals.

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