Meet Eshna Kutty, An Artist With A Hula-Hoop & Saree Who Started A Viral Trend


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Can one really flex to a song like Genda Phool which is all heart tho? This post is primarily to share with you why I put out #sareeflow as a hashtag. It had been on my mind for months, and the intention was not to create the most sensual saree videos, but to feel so comfortable and happy wearing it without the pressure of being a delicate lady. That aside, I wanted to also spotlight Indian hoopers because we're so few in number but growing so fast. Theres so much diversity in our cultures and even in our sarees that I hoped this trend would add a very unique twist to a global art form. Or visa versa- that you'd want to get yourself a hoop because you secretly want to dress up to goof around. Either case, I think it's fantastic that you're doing it anyway and sharing it ❤️ . . . Wearing @pumaindia + mother's saree obv✨ . . #hoopersofinstagram #hooplife #hoopdance #hoop #hoopersofig #hooplove #flowarts #hoopflow #hulahoop #hulahooping #infinitecirclescommunity #girlswhohoop #hooper #hooping

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A lady who is wearing a saree and sneakers & joyfully dancing her way through life.

Eshna Kutty:

Eshna is a 24-year-old who has become an overnight phenomenon, a social media star of her own right who is paving the way for Indian hoopers to showcase their talent.


#SareeFlow movement & the cause behind it:

She said,

The whole purpose of the movement #Sareeflow is, To help people feel comfortable and happy wearing it without the pressure of being a delicate lady.


Her Joruney:

Her journey with dance and hooping began when she purchased her first Hula-Hoop around 11th grade. She’s been practicing and teaching hooping for a decade now.


Speaking about Sareeflow, She said,

“#SareeFlow has been on my mind for some time now. I thought it about during the quarantine because the general emotion in 2020 has been gutting. I wanted to drift away from it all for myself because it felt really good to dress up for no particular reason and goof around.”

The aspect of women empowering women has been incredible. I’m also hearing from men who express joy for watching something so innocent and pure, nothing creepy. It wasn’t a sexy video or comedy act that went viral; it was just a spontaneous video of me having fun with myself in a saree in my bedroom. When people write and tell me that it made them feel liberated or made them have a good laugh, I’m grateful for that!


The heart of  Sareeflow is to flaunt the desi in yourself and be more comfortable in what we wear. “You can wear absolutely anything to move around in! Wearing a saree comes with restrictions. But it’s also liberating, and you feel beautiful in it! The limitations made me experiment and explore with different moves and skyrocketed my curiosity streak!”

“The saree is familiar to Indians, but hooping isn’t. So when you combine the two, suddenly hula-hooping starts feeling more familiar. My goal is that eventually, one doesn’t have to explain to another what hooping is, the same way as you don’t have to explain to someone what dancing is.”

Currently, the #Sareeflow tag has over 500 videos and artworks inspired by Eshna.

Here are some of her amazing videos where’s she’s seen hula-hooping in a saree:

1. Chinnamma Chilakamma – Sareeflow

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Aunties be cringing at the way I wear sarees and I totally agree. But choice of song is completely driven by the old sarees I find in my mum's cupboard and since she has only south indian ones left, looks like my hopes to pick any other regional song is out for now. But here's this week's #sareeflow ! Can I get song suggestions plz? . . Side note: If you joined our mailing list for learning or buying hoops (link in bio), it's possible your email is lying in the promotions/socials section! . . Song- Chinnamma Chilakkamma – @arrahman . #hoopersofinstagram #hooplife #hoopdance #hoop #hoopersofig #hooplove #flowarts #hoopflow #hulahoop #hulahooping #infinitecirclescommunity #girlswhohoop #hooper #hooping

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2. Uyire – Sareeflow


3. Desi girl chant – Sareeflow


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