Epic Sledging Moments In Indian Cricket History: Every Cricket Fan Must Checkout These Videos

“You go after one of our guys and eleven of us will come back at you” KL Rahul

Rahul’s this line yesterday wins the dialogue of the year. A line that is so relatable to all of us. Team sports has a different vibe to it. Mana vallani vere evaru aina ochi oka maata antey, daani reaction ey range lo osthado ninna test match lo jarigina sledging tho telisipoindhi. The whole team standing up against the England team was such an eye feast.

Sledging has been a part of cricket since always. A little banter is always fun kaani matter konchem out of hand avvadam, mana Indians vaddi tho saha tirigi icheyadam time and time team India tho avthu ne undhu. Yesterday’s match calls for some reminiscing of the memories where some epic cricket sledging happened and our Indians answered with words and wins.

Jasprit Bumrah- James Anderson

Assalu evaru amma test match boring annadhi. Ninna mana vallu lepina racha antha intha kaadhu. Virat Kohli and his team got out to field and answered sledging with an epic win.

Yuvraj Singh- Andrew Flintoff

Inko 100 years aina idhi marchipomu. The best answer a sledge could’ve ever gotten. The epic 6 sixes.

Ravichandran Ashwin- Tim Paine

Cant wait to get you to Gabba Ash ani annadu, mana vallu elli gelisi ocharu. Normal motivation kaadandi idhi.

Sourav Ganguly- Andrew Flintoff

Dada tho maamulu gaa undadhu mari.

Sachin Tendulkar- McGrath

Asalu God of Cricket tho entamma ee chinna pillala aatalu. He’ll give you an answer that you can never expect.

Virat Kohli- Mitchell Johnson

Known for his aggressive batting, inka gelikithe you know that there is no stopping our run machine.

Harbhajan Singh- Shoaib Akhtar

The win speaks for all the things that Akhtar says.

Virat Kohli- James Faulkner

Virat’s epic reply “I’ve smashed you enough in your life, don’t waste your energy. No point.’

Ouch, that should hurt.

Gautham Gambhir- Shahid Afridi

Ammababoi kotteskuntaru emo anukunnamu andi.

Virat Kohli- Kensrick Williams

The epic notebook celebration will be remembered, always.

Venkateswara Prasad- Aamir Sohail

Go get that ball ani annadu, next ball ki out aiyyadu. Andukee achi tuchi aadali matladali.

Inka chalaa ne unnayi kadhaa. These situations were some the most epic sledging moments. Comment below and tell us your fav moments as well.

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