What If… These Famous English Series Had Brutally Honest Telugu Titles!


English TV Series fans.. Brace yourselves. Here’s a list of honest Telugu titles of your favourite TV shows. While some might be on point, some of the translations have a humour touch to them.


1. Intlo Pekata – House of Cards

2. Simhasanala Aata – Game of Thrones

3. Mee Ammanu Nenela Kalisanu – How I Met Your Mother

4. Nadiche Shavaalu – The Walking Dead

5. Manchi Pellam – The Good Wife

6. Eruputhanam – Ridiculousness

7. Ajeeb Vasthuvulu – Stranger Things

8. Nagaram lo Bumchik – Sex And The City

9. Arrreyy Entraa Idhiiiii – Awkward

10. Aapukoleni Pellaalu – Desperate Housewives

11. Shigguthappinollu – Shameless

12. Rendunnara Magaallu – Two And A Half Men

13. Gusagusala Pori – Gossip Girl

14. Endukaina Manchidi ..Saul Babai Ki Call Chey – Better Call Saul

15. Ikkada Doctor Evadu Bey – Doctor Who!

16. D**di – Lost


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