16 English Words That Have A Whole Different Meaning In Telugu States!


English is a funny language. Vaadukunnodiki vaadukunnantha ane dialogue ni mana Telugu vaallu baga serious ga theeskunnattu unnaru. Enno english words ni manaki anukuulam ga marchesukunnaru. Asal vati dictionary meaning okati untadhi, mana daily vaaduka bhasha lo enkedho untadhi. Alanti words ento ippudu manam chudham.

P.S: Word kindha unnadhi, actual dictionary meaning. Dhani kindha (blue color lo) unnadhi manaki ishtamochina, manam create cheskunna meaning. And dhaani kindha oka example. Inkendhuku late, let’s begin.


1. Punch


2. Show


3. Line (Also Sight)


4. Stuff


5. Sitting


6. Rod


7. London


8. Soap


9. Biscuit


10. Stunt


11. Maasss!


12. Assam


13. Magnesium


14. Motherboard


Some special words for which even dictionary gave up and said ‘Naa Valla Kaadhu Dora!’

15. Auto-Punch


16. Modable


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