What If.. These Hollywood Movies Had Funny Telugu Titles?


Hollywood movies ki mana movies ki edho chinna, theliyani relation undhi ante meeru nammuthara? Ithe ee article chadhavandi. Meere pakka ga avvak avtharu. Logics & Rules anni gummam bayata vadhilesi, jump right into the article.


1. Thor: Brothers Fight Cannot Get Better Than This


2. Deadpool: Dimaag Thoda, Chaala Theda!


3. Taken: Father-Daughter Thriller Drama


4. Don’t Breathe: Vaadu Emo Edisthe Champesthadu, Veedu Emo Oopiri Peelisthe Champesthadu.


5. Dunkirk: Same year lo release ina rendu real life based war movies.


6. IT: Ee year theatres lo chusi andharu bhayapadda movie.


7. Mission Impossbile- Rogue Nation: Recent ga Tom Bhayya meedha MB fans ki pongina apaaramaina prema…


8. Batman v Superman: Two heros face-off each other. Biggest film of the year.


9. Ghostbusters: Horror-Comedy. Simple.


10. Avengers- Infinity War: Huge cast. Looks like the entire prapancham is here in one movie.


11. Interstellar: Two films that obey the law of physics, at their level best.


Special Bonus- Doctor Strange: Indian remake rights mana Gaali doctor garike raavali, release avvali ani korukuntuu…ika selavu.


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