A Letter To ‘Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi’ Boys

Contributed by Vishnu Priya G

‘Em movie ra bhai ellatledu mind lonchi!!’ ani manaki konni movies choosthey
anpisthu untadi. Daantlo naaku ‘Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi’ movie okati. Antey ee movie
varsham lo pakodi lantidi, endalo icecream lantidi. Avi lekunda bathakochemo but
avvi unte manasuki sammaga untadi. Mari na meedha antha la impact chesina ee movie lo boys ki, Here’s my heartfelt letter,

Dear Vivek,

I relate to you when you put shades 24*7 to hide your insecurities without knowing
that we are just not gutsy enough to see this world. I relate to you when you said
‘Arey nenu choodadaniki itla unta kaani masthu sensitive ra’. I relate to you when you don’t know what to do with your life so you drink drink and drink. I relate to you when you chicken out and do nothing with the fear of what this world think of us if you mess up things.
Everyone needs a friend like you who knows what they want and telling out what they are missing. You made us all realize that there’s a ‘Shirley’ out there for us after ‘Shilpa’. Also, thanks for not giving up on writing stories.

Dear Karthik,

When you agreed to marry your owner’s daughter just for the sake of financial
security but then say ‘Arey ee pelli endo, ee US endo naakem interest ledu ra’ you
sounded like a middle class boy next door. I wish I could come and hug you for doing the right thing. You made me realize that I am the person who I would not want to be because I can not be nothing. I wish someone could give me the ring and I could lose it so that I could find the purpose of my life. *crying intensifies*

Dear Kaushik,

Ippudu nenu english lo raddam ankunna kaani neeku nachadu kabatti max Telugu lo
matladadaanki try chestha. Padi taraalu paatu thaagudu prasthavana ochinappudu ‘Let’s damage the liver bro’ ani anukune laaga chesaav! Prathi gang lo nee lantodu okadu undaali. Thaagi bill kattakapovadam, serious situations lo jokes eyyadam, daridram ayna boothulu amma nanna thittina siggu lekunda thagadanki friends tho tirgadam oka friend ki undalsina lakshanaalu abba. ‘Full bottle thaagi bajjovali’ ani nuvvu chepundochu kaani nenu baaga serious ga teeskunna. Bill ochnappudu ‘I don’t want’ ani nu annappudu prathi okka broke bachelor ni neelo chooskunnadu. Devude kanuka untey, ni lanti friend ni ivvamani korukunta.

Dear Uppi,

Thanks for making me realize that no matter what the situation, keep doing what you love like the way you drink your thick shake almost all the time. ‘Ichi padey’ anthey.

And lastly, Thank you Tharun Bhascker, For giving us a film that we could relate our heart out to

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