Here’s What EVERYONE Needs To Know About Elon Musk, The Real Life Tony Stark!


Elon musk tanaku puttina koduku peru X Æ A-12 ani pettadanta ani ninnatnundi chaala mandhi shock ayyi “Arey entra aa peru” ani trend ayye rangelo maatladukunnaru. Kaani Elon ni jamaana nundi follow ayyevaallu maatram “Ilaantivi maa vadiki chaala maamulu vishayam” anukuni untaaru. Athani gurinchi konchem detailed gaa…


When someone utters the words ‘Entrepreneur’ or ‘Tech Pioneer’, the first name that comes to mind (for most people) is Steve Jobs. Sure, he was a great guy who lead a revolution of sorts in technology with amazing Apple products. Not to belittle his achievements, but there is one guy who’s changing the world in more fundamental ways than a fancy phone with curvy edges ever could.
His name is Musk… Elon Musk.

So who is this guy?
He’s founded three companies. THREE… which have been game-changers in their respective industries: Space X (Space exploration), Tesla (Electric cars), and Solarcity (Solar energy). He also headed PayPal, the online money transaction company initially, which he later sold off to eBay. I believe he’s currently the badass-est man in the known universe. Here’s why.
1. He’s a risk-taker: Before starting Space X, he went to Russia to buy old rockets at cheap rates. He was turned down and laughed at. So he decided to show everyone the finger and build rockets on his own.
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2. He’s obsessed: Even the term ‘obsessed’ doesn’t do enough justice to his burning passion to eventually establish a human colony on Mars. It might sound far-fetched, but knowing him, he juuust might make it.
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3. He’s a voracious reader: Elon reads a lot. A LOT. I still don’t understand how he gets the time for books between managing his various companies. But his reading habit has helped him through the years. How? Figure this: He has learnt about building rockets just by reading books.


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4. He’s a workaholic: He sleeps for about 6 hours a day. And says it’s enough. I guess he’s so driven with the fuel of his vision for the future that he doesn’t have to sleep to dream.
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5. He’s productive, every f***in’ day: A chilled out day in Elon’s life would mean a boring, boring day. Because he is involved with industries like: Automotive, Aerospace, Solar Energy, Energy Storage, Satellite, High-Speed Ground Transportation and um, Multi-Planetary Expansion, he is left with no option than to be productive.


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6. He turned failures into lessons: As a kid, Elon was bullied in school. So he spent most of his time building computer games (He coded a PC game called Blastar when he was 12 years old. Yes.). The bullying made him stronger, and he still doesn’t faze in the face of competition or death threats (he’s involved with muli-billion dollar deals, after all).
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7. He knows about frugality: As a student, he spent most of his days on budget (sometimes as less as 1 $ a day). That helped him cut costs on rocket launches now: His company Space X has pioneered reusable rockets which could cut the cost of each launch to 10%. And that in turn gives him deals worth billions (so that he can afford a rockstar lifestyle)!
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8. He’s a quick learner: Managing companies in various fields requires him to learn about new technologies very, very fast. And fast he is. He believes everyone of us has the potential to learn a lot more than we do.
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9. He believes in perfection: His electric car company Tesla shattered all records with its Model S P85D getting a more-than-perfect 103 rating. True story.
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10. He has an eccentric sense of humor: When asked where he wanted to die, he said “I want to die on Mars.”, and with a pause…”Just not on impact.”
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11. He is interested in advancing technology as a whole: And not just for his own business interests. He gave off all of Tesla’s patents and made them openly accessible for everyone. Quite unlike the Apple boss, yeah?


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12. He is as cool as Tony Stark: We all saw Iron Man on the big screen and thought, “Dude, he’s the coolest ever!”. Well, with all the points mentioned above, Elon could just be the rad superhero the world deserves.
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Yes, I’m an Elon Musk fanboy. Planning to start a new cult shortly and call it Elonism. Anybody wants to hop in?


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