Chitti 3.0 Vs Eega: This Animated Short Film Will Be The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Asale 2020 lo theatre lu cinema leka manam badha padtunte.. Eega, Baahubali 2.0 lanti theatrical experience unna movies ni ee year lo chudalame ane badha next level.

Ee lotu teerchataniki NO LOGIC FILMS ani oka YouTube channel 3.0 vs Eega THE short STORY ani oka arachakamaina video release chesaru. It’s a fight between Eega and chitti 3.0.

To understand the efforts that he has put in, Ee kindha unna pictures lo detailing chudandi:

Just YouTube ki intha efforts petti, intha talented people unnara ani avvak avtaru ee video chuste, 11 minutes of genuis animation.

Check it out:

Idhi chusaka, okate thought mind lo nadustundi.. ‘OK waiting for RRR’.

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