9 Reasons Why ‘Engineering Drawing’ Is A Nightmare For Students


Engineering lo subjects rendu rakaalu. Ithe theory, ledha problems. Kaani Ee ED (Engineering Drawing) mood-o rakam. Ithe general ga students kuda two types untaru, ee subject ni easy ga pass ipoye vaallu, last moment dhaaka velli, kashtapadi border pass ayye vaallu. Ee article, aah rendo type ki gattiga connect avvudhi, let’s start.


1. Everything about this subject looks sooo huge. Be it the benches, books, scales, especially Drafter. Ee equipments chusi, teenage lo ne already Civil Engineer ipoyinantha build-up ichi pics dhige vaallam.


2. The unique thing about this subject is.. ‘you can’t teach it on board’. Teaching it on board is like ‘Gaallo bommalu eyyatam‘, doesn’t make any sense. But our teachers used to teach it only on boards. Why? Because, Zero Fasakks given.


3. So obviously, you can’t understand shit in classes. College ipoyaka intiki poi, YouTube open chesi, ‘What is Isometric Projection?‘ nunchi start chesi, ‘How to border pass in ED?‘ dhaaka anni videos chustam.


4. But all of this is Jujjubi in front of that one best friend, who explains the entire subject in one night and makes you go ‘Odiyamma‘.


5. Inko adbhutamaina vishayam, You can’t ‘Bhatti‘ this shit. Because they keep changing the values in question paper every time.


6. Worrssst thing ever: You can’t even copy in this exam. Theory questions ithe 2 seconds lo scan chesi as it is dimpeyochu, but how do you copy Figures.


7. So the only way to pass it is, Ace it. Engineering lo vere eh subject ina, emi rakunda pass avvochu emo kani. Idhi mathram, you have to be a perfectionist.


8. You have to come to ED exam hall like a 5th class student. With geometry box, sharpener, eraser and all. Edhanna marchipoyama, this is the situation:


9. Most important thing, no matter in whichever branch you are, ECE, EEE, CSE, MECH or IT. Engineering Drawing will search for you and it will FASAKK you.


Finally.. Proud moment for Mech Students.. Baahubali caught learning Engineering Drawing.


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