Here’s How A Hyderabad IT Firm Is Tackling E-Wastage And Came Up With An Eco-Friendly Ganesha From Used Computer Parts!


Contributed by Om Prakash

Votary Tech, a growing IT company from Hyderabad, stood apart in promoting the Eco friendly Ganesh idols movement. This Ganesh Chathurthi, they made a Ganesh idol using all the non-usable parts of a computer. By doing so, they promote Eco Friendly idols and also share a very important message too.

E-wastage is a growing concern in our country with a population of 1.3 billion people and approximately a billion users as the consumers of electronics industry. To curb E-wastage, our government has launched Clean-e initiative where we can give our old electronic devices such as Computers, Mobile Phones, Printers, TVs etc. These products are sent to Attero Center for processing where they are recycled in a scientific way.

People at Votary Tech use these parts that they kept to disperse to clean- e campaign to make this innovative Ganesh idol which they dearly call ‘Eco Bappa’. They made this idol using old keyboards, Monitors etc. This is a great initiative and sure to be applauded. Here by they request all the people to not throw E- wastage as the chemicals used in making them will cause great harm to the environment.

People who wish to give E- wastage for recycling can call an e-captain at 1800 419 3283. The best part is Clean- e India people will also pay for the device that is given for recycling. This is a great initiative for a sustainable and greener tomorrow.


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