12 Reasons Why ECE Subjects Are The Toughest Ever To Pass In Engineering


Title chudagane meelo unna ECE student thannukuntu bayataki vachi untadu, eh maathram late cheyakunda, matter loki elipodham.


1. Basics nunchi start chedham. Let’s start with First year. ‘How many of you still have a backlog in Basic Electrical Engineering ?


2. ECE anagane.. ippudippude Inter complete ina letha-letha pillala opinion:


3. When your mom asks you to repair a dabba, paatha-kaalam cooler in your home, and you say you can’t:


4. CRO: First years lo dheeni chusi manam Hospital lo unde ECG machine anukune vaallam, crazy days, I say. Appy Fizz ad lo Salman Khan cheppinattu:


5. ECE Student ki idhi chaala maamul vishayam.


6. Your class teacher reporting about our Ghanathalu:


7. Manaki mana own subjects chadavatame oka task ante, extra ga EEE subjects kuda chadivi, pass avvali:


8. Question paper lo Theory questions kanipisthe Naa Autograph Sweet Memories antuu.. papers nimpestham. But numerical problems osthe, elanti thopp student ki ina wire-lu thegipovalsindhe.


9. Bread Board is the worst thing. Eppudooo engineering join ina first class, first hour lo cheptharu anthe how to use ani. That’s it, marchipothe, 4 years aah chinna chinna bokkalu chusthe lab lo khali ga kurchotame.


10. Asal inni baadhalalo, manaki unna oke okk relief subject. Digital Electronics. Ah subject lo values(1,0) laage mana result kuda ithe distinction ledha direct fail avutham.


11. ECE students talking about their favorite backlog:


12. When you accidentally pass in ALL ECE subjects in first attempt:


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