Meet Duvvuru Varshita, A Telugu Contestant From Shark Tank India Who Invented A Painless Device To Check Blood Glucose Levels

Life throws the hardest problems our way but how we tackle them and handle ourselves brings essence into our lives. And today’s life story is about a person who tackled the greatest problem of her life in the most inspiring way possible. A woman entrepreneur who turned her battle with diabetes into an opportunity to find a solution to it.

Duvvuru Varshita, a 20-year-old girl from Hyderabad is a Type-1 diabetic i.e., she was born with diabetes and has been in the pain of pricking herself to check in glucose levels all her life.

Chinnappati nunchi hospitals chutte perigindhi, Varshita. Puttina next day ne coma loki vellipoindhi. Doctors tanu bratakadam kuda kashtam annaru. Kaani tanu chala strong gaa undhi, survive aindhi. 8 years daaka prati roju hospital lo injections kosam velledi.

Andhari laaga tanaki oka normal life, insulin free life… ledani chala baadha padedhi. Tanu 8 years old ainappati nunchi, hospital ki vellakunda tane insulin tisukovadam start chesindhi. Ippatiki roju at least 4-5 times tanani tanu prick cheskoni, glucose levels check cheyyadam inka insulin tiskovadam chestundhi.

Seeing her prick herself every day gave a lot of pain to her parents. They couldn’t see her pricking herself and would go to another room and cry. And when Varshita saw that, she went to her parents and promised them that she will find a solution to it.

Ala insulin tane tiskovadam start chesinappudu, oka roju wrong ga prick cheyyadam tho coma looki vellipoindhi. Ippati varaku Varshita 6 times coma looki vellindhi. Recently 2020 lo kuda coma looki velli, 2 days lo malli consciousness ki vachindhi. The highest days of her in a coma is 62.

Tana health lo avtunna anni ups and downs ni strong gaa tackle cheyyadam tho paatu, tana academics lo kuda exemplary performances ichindhi. IIT, AIEEE lo quality avtaanu ani valla nanna ni promise chesi, aa promise ni fulfil chesindhi. She qualified in all the exams.

She went to IIT and returned in just 11 days because of her health issues. And she started investing all her strength, energy, and time in finding a solution to her problem. And that is when Vivalyf Innovations was made. She came up with a device that checks our glucose levels without any blood and pain of pricking.

Startup incubated at UoH gets funding at Shark Tank India |

Her motive to start this was to solve a problem and ease the pain of almost 7 crore population of our country. She even appeared in the show shark tank and made a great deal for herself and the company. She turned her weakness into a greater opportunity. Her grit and strength in truly commendable.

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