This Story Of A Successful And Hardworking Man, Who Was Once A Failure, Will Give You All The Inspiration You Need!


An inspiring journey, which shows that discovering your own passion, can make you achieve greater heights and lead a path to others as well. The story of Durga Vishwanath Gadiraju who went up from being a sales boy at a medical shop to owning an online versity, tells us the exact same thing.

He shared his inspiring story in a blog post of his website. Durga Vishwanath realised his disinterest in studies when he consecutively failed in two years of intermediate. He then decided to quit his studies and do some work to get his life going. He joined a medical shop and started working from morning 9 to late in the night for just Rs 450 a month. There – he did almost everything from cleaning his owner’s scooter to helping them in their sales for almost 8 months.

One of his uncles suggested him to do a diploma in pharmacy and get licence for a medical store. After taking this advice seriously, he finished his intermediate. He then started getting interested in studies and instead of doing the diploma, he joined B.Sc. Because of his poor basics, initially he faced difficulties but, as they say, nothing can stop a man with determination – Vishwanath finished his degree and then joined his MCA and finished it with flying colors. He then took GATE coaching but couldn’t crack it because of his poor basics.

This problem haunted him even in finding his first job. He was initially rejected by more than 40 companies before he joined an IT company of some far-off relative. There he was neither paid nor given any work. But he utilised his free time by widening his knowledge on the topics of his interest. He was free almost for a year after graduation. Then he went to give an interview in British Telecom and cleared written and interview round. They appreciated his immense knowledge on Oracle but suggested him to concentrate on Java. He took their suggestion seriously and took training in Java for sometime, because of which he got into a Tech firm called Tavant and started working with them in Bangalore.

From there his rise started. Polishing his skills and strengths, he started an online IT versity to help students choose their careers in the IT sector. He is expecting to expand this in both USA and India as well. He finally advices the students to make failures their stepping stones and reach their goals and to never give up on their dreams. His story proves that with determination and hard work, there’s nothing a man cannot achieve.


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