Dulquer Salmaan’s Beautiful Movies On Streaming Platforms. Thank Me Later!

Dulquer Salmaan is an actor that both women & men adore equally. Dulquer has that unique charm that no other actor has. Also he is Malayalam industry’s one of the finest actors who has made some terrific films. It all started when my Malayalam friend recommended me to watch ‘Ustad Hotel’ back then. That’s it. Since then I’ve been craving for more Dulquer movies in my life.

So if you’re also a big big Dulquer fan, searching for the list of his beautiful movies and where to watch them on streaming platforms.. Welcome to the club, you’re in the right place. Here are 12 of my favorite Dulquer’s movies available on streaming platforms.

P.S: The list is in chronological order (Earliest to Latest release).

1. Ustad Hotel, 2012

Streaming on: Hotstar

One of the earliest movies of Dulquer that I’ve watched. The beauty of the film & the actor are.. They’re genuinely emotional. You’re in for a beautiful ride.

2. ABCD, 2013

Streaming on: Hotstar

Nobody.. I repeat nobody else else could’ve pulled this role off with such ease. Its also maybe because Dulquer in real life has grew up in Gulf during his childhood. So the accent also feels real.

3. Bangalore Days, 2014

Streaming on: Hotstar

The most popular movie of Dulquer that almost everyone of us have watched. And a film that needs no special introduction.

4. Charlie, 2015

Streaming on: SunNXT

A film that almost looks like a magic! My personal favorite film of Dulquer. The film beautifully tells how every time people won’t magically appear in your life, whenever you need help. But if there is someone.. What is there is some genie type of guy who appears whenever you’re in a problem !! Watch it, can’t reveal more.

Also, This is the film that also gave us THE SINGER Dulquer with Chundari Penne, A beautiful compositon by Gopi Sunder.

5. OK Kanmani, 2015

Streaming on: Hotstar

OK.. I don’t want to write much about the film, but Dulquer is one of the only best things about this film (And of course AR Rehman).

6. Kali, 2016

Streaming on: Hotstar

Basically, Arjun Reddy & Kaatru Veliyidai before it was cool. A story of how a man suffering with short temper deals problems with his wife.

7. Jomonte Suvisheshangal, 2017

Streaming on: Netflix

The film is sooo relatable and feels so real that While watching one would realize how close it us to our lives. Jomon is a veey relatable guy who screws up his life and realizes it, corrects his mistakes. ANd becomes responsible.

8. Parava, 2017

Streaming on: Hotstar

Dulquer only plays a small part in this beautiful movie starring many talented Malayalam actors. But one shouldn’t miss this film.

9. CIA (Comrade In America) ,2017

Streaming on: Netlfix

Yep, as the title suggests.. In the film , the hero actually is a follower of communism. Also, watch it for the one of the best ever intro scenes of Dulquer Salmaan.

10. Solo, 2017

Streaming on: Netlfix

Yep, Dulquer did 4 good films in 2017.

His career’s one of the most controversial film. The film was thrown out of the theatres one the second day itself. He had to beg and please people to ‘Not to kill the film, Solo’. All because of the climax of the 4th short of the film. Yep, the film is an Anthology, for those who don’t know. But hey, Thanks to the internet, The film (And most importantly the music) has a seperate fan base now.

11. Mahanati, 2018

Streaming on: Prime Video

This was the year when all the Telugu Dulquer fans dream came true. He finally acted in a Telugu film! And what a grand and terrific debut into Tollywood, I must say! Also, Dulquer also dubbed for his role in Telugu. We want to watch Dulquer in more and more great Telugu films. Directors! Are you listening!

12. Karwaan, 2018

Streaming on: Prime Video

While all these are South Indian films, 2018 is also the year when Dulquer finally made his debut into Bollywood too. Karwaan starring supremely talented Dulquer, Irrfan Khan & Mithila Palkar is one the sweetest dark comedies you could watch (that’s a very weird way to define a film, but yes).

13. Varane Avashyamund, 2020

Streaming on: Netlfix

We all can collectively agree about how shitty 2020 is, But DQ has 2 films in February 2020, Before lockdown. So can’t complain.

14. Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante, 2020

Streaming on: Aha (Telugu) & Netflix (Tamil)

DQ’s 25th film is definitely a special film. After Mahanati, He has dubbed in his voice in Telugu. It’s interesting how they even went to the heights of tricking the audience by not revealing anything in the trailers just for the sake of holding the thrill in the theatres. If you haven’t watched this yet, What are you even doing!?

There are sooo many other beautiful films like these, Kammati Paadam, Vikramadityan, Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi.. We can go on and on like this.. Because anything with Dulquer in it feels good. So what’s your favorite Dulquer film ? Do let us know in the comments below.

Bonus for fans: Not just his films.. His social media presence is also very admirable. Just Looook at his Instagram!!

OK, Enough crushing has happened, We should get back to our normal lives.

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