Dubshoot – The Desi Rival To Dubsmash That Is Going Global Now!

Dubsmash was all the rage back in 2015 and was trending globally. Come 2016 it’s the turn of “Dubshoot”. Meet the desi video-dub app which allows you to take selfie videos with your favorite dialogues.
The best thing about Dubshoot is that it customizes your search according to your preferred Indian language and helps you shoot videos. This makes this app an ideal fit for the regional audience. You can now imitate and shoot your favorite hero or heroine’s dialogues on dubshoot.
The pivotal decision of adding local flavor has led to Dubshoot being downloaded several thousands of times, even though the app itself somewhat resembles the old dubsmash app. City based techie Mr. Venkateshwar Rao the founder of mTouch Labs has introduced this application and is the main spearhead behind its development. His main intention behind the app was to create a rival to dubsmash that caters to a more targeted regional audience.
Currently it has over 6,00,000 users and around 75% of them are from south India alone. A whooping 25,000+ videos are being uploaded daily in this application. Dubshoot recently went global to cater to the demands of Indians abroad who wanted to use it. It has presence in places like U.S., West Asia and U.K. as well. The user interface is fairly rudimentary. You simply select from the app’s list of available sounds, browsable by category, and tap to begin recording your Dub-styled video selfie.
As further evidence of the startup’s simple philosophy, video sharing is done externally through messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and etc. The only way to save your Dubshoot video is to download it to your phone.
Mr. Venkateshwara Rao also believes that production houses will eventually be keen to work directly with the makers, as this is a very direct route to reach the audience. They simply can’t turn a blind eye to the bundles of “User-Generated” content, as this will turn out to be a new platform to strategically channel their promotions and reach their target audience. Currently mTouch Labs is in talks with several leading filmmakers and promoters and are looking forward to experimenting on 1 or 2 films initially. Hope this idea soon becomes a reality so that we can see our favorite stars “Dubshooting”!
The app is available on both the Android Playstore and the Apple App store.

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