9 ‘Hidden’ Lies Every Girl Must Have Told To Her Friend At Least Once In Her Life!


Chaala matuku manamu observe chesthe.. iddaru boys easy ga friends iypotharu.. vaalaki elanti kalushithalu undavu. But girls ki oka filtering process untadhi. Ee process lo konthamandi nachutaru, konthamandi nacharu. Not stereotyping, but it is generally observed that guys get along well with other guys but a girl take time to bond with another girl. Ammayilu – ilanti ‘ammayi friends’ tho matladinapudu .. rendu soundings untayi.. Okati.. vaallu baitiki cheppedhi.. Inkokati.. vaala mind lo anukunedhi.. Aa mind voice ni manam mute chesi situation ki appropriate ga abbadhalu chepthuntamu. So here are the few lies that girls tell each other:


1. When you have to call a random friend your best friend

2.When you lie about talking to your ex boyfriend

3. When you have to compliment their dress even if you don’t like them

4.When you lie about your relationship

5. When you are on a diet but lie about it

6. When you have to compliment a couple you don’t like

7. When you lie about not wearing makeup

8. Lying about buying branded clothes

9. Snapchat vs reality


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