Here Is How Drunk Driving Can Help You Serve The Country!

Yes, you read the title right. There is nothing wrong with drinking and driving, man. They always go hand in hand. How else would you go home after a party if all your friends have ditched you? Driving drunk, of course!
And who says that is a bad thing? Alcohol elevates your senses. You are in another dimension, and your spatial awareness of the road becomes much better. According to research by some foreign university, they have found out that your road intelligence reaches a whole new level altogether under the influence of alcohol. Another research says people will believe anything when you start the sentence with “According to research…”.
Inka cheppalante… Mana Hyderabad Traffic Police ki ee madhya sense vachi inka manchi punishmentlu isthnaru. Like Social Service. Manchide ga! Ee madhye kontha mandi mandu babulaki 3 rojulu, rojuki 3 ganatlu choppuna community service icharu… See pics below for proof.
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Source: Hyderabad Traffic Police

You can be a proud drunk driver and also a socially responsible guy. Oke debba ki rendu pittalu… Ha!
Intha cheppina kuda meeru convince kaledu ante…mememi cheylemu.
Drink and drive…and serve the country, like a boss!

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