Meet The Young Minds Who Designed Agricultural Drones That Help Farmers


Lokam lo annitikanna goppa occupation enti ante, adhi farming ane cheppali. Kani, farmers pade kashtalu manandhariki thelusu. Vallu ponde vyayam param ga kani, ploughing ki, pesticides spraying ki physical ga pade kashtam paramga kani, vallu eppudu ibbandhulu edurukuntune untaru…

Farmers chese kashtamaina panulu anni oka ethu aithe, Ekarallo vistarinchina polalaki pesticides spray in cheyyadam oka ethu. Deeni valla farmers physical ga entha strain avutharo, valla health kuda anthe padavuthundhi. Breathing problems enno vasthayi, because they are exposed to those pesticides for a long time…


This brings into the picture of technology. Farmers situation ni ela improve cheyyali ane thought nunchi vachina kotha technology ey ‘Agricultural Drone’. Idhi actually manam kanipettina technology emi kadhu. Western countries lo and china lo eppatnuncho implementation lo undhi. But now, Deeni manufacturing kuda mana Telugu states ki vachesindhi.

This manufacturing of ‘Agricultural drones’ is not carried out by some multinational companies but by two Engineering graduates. They don’t know each other but their motive is the same. To help farmers make their work easy.


1. Alluri Sitharama Raju – Tallarevu, E.G Dist

Raju is an engineering graduate who had a prior experience of working with some renowned companies. That made him manufacture an Agricultural Drone. He wasn’t successful in his initial attempts but he never gave up on his aim. He imported the required parts from China and built the drone on his own.

The drone capacity is of 10 liters. Oka acre farm ni 5 minutes lo spray cheyyagalige capacity undhi ee drone ki. Autonomous and semi-autonomous ane two modes lo ee drone work chestundhi.


2. Gopi Raja A.K.A Drone Raja – KL University Vijayawada

Raja is an engineering student from KLU Vijayawada. His father is a farmer. Eppudaithe valla nanna garu ee pesticides manual spraying valla ibbandhi paddaro, appude ee ‘Agricultural Drone’ swayam ga manufacture cheyyalani decide ayyadu Raja. To make his dream come true, Chala mandhi help chesaru Raja ki… Now he is the owner of his own startup called ‘Fopple Drone Technologies’. His company also provides drones on rental purpose.


Manam chaduvukunna chaduvu, mana family ki, society ki upayoga paduthundhi ante anthakanna goppa vishayam emi ledhu. This is what these two talented engineers are up to. Hope many engineers like these come up with innovations that help farmers and farming.


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