Padma Shri Dr. Adinarayana Rao, The 82 Year Old Doctor From Vizag Who Started Polio Camps & Helped Poor All His Life

Recent ga release chesina Padma Awardees list lo mana Telugu states ki 7 awards vachayi (4 telangana, 3 Andhra Pradesh). Andhra Pradesh ki chendina muggurilo Dr. Sunkara Venkata Adinarayana Rao garu okaru. Adinarayana Rao garu enno vela mandi polio badhitulaki ki seevalu andincharu. Desham motham Polio free country cheyali ane lakshyam tho mundu ki saagaru. Aaa lakshyame ee roju mana andariki ayinanu gurtinchela chesindi.

Adinarayana Rao garu Jun 30, 1939 naa Bhimavaram lo freedom fighters ayina Kanakam, Seshamma ki janmincharu. 1966 ki M.B.B.S, 1970 ki Orthopaedic Surgery lo Masters rendu Andhra Medical college lo complete chesaru. Academics tho paatu curricular and extra- curricular activities lo kuda active ga undevaru. Inter – University and Inter- medical colleges sports meets lo chaala awards gelchukunaru.

Where it all started :

Through inspiration from his guru Chavali Vyaghreswarudu, Adinarayana Rao garu started polio camps, helped many poor people and gave them a life to walk. With the help of his friend Dr. Babji he first placed polio surgery camp and operated 9 people out of which 400 people came for operation. The second camp was placed in Bhimavaram and he operated around 40 people. Like wise many people got to know and reach him for the polio camps. The camps spread through all over states and reached whole India.

Services :

In his 42 years of service he has done lakhs of surgeries to poor people. Many surgeries are complex ones which includes more than one surgical procedure. He has done surgery for the persons having deformities of the limbs secondary to the post-polio residual paralysis, cerebral palsy and other congenital conditions like club foot etc.

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He is the managing trustee of free Polio Surgical and Research Foundation, a non profitable organization with the motto Immobile – Mobile – Independent (Immobile – kadhala lenidi to Mobile -Independent ante own ga nadavagaladam). He is also director General of Prema school of nursing and Prema sagari college of nursing.

Awards :

Before Padma shrii he got many national and international awards. He got a National award from the Prime Minister of India for his welfare works for disabled persons in 1988. He also received Madras Telugu Academy award, Mahaveer foundation national award. In 2014, he received National award for child welfare from Prime Minister of India.

He is a great inspiration for many young people like us. Thank you sir for serving our country.

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