Meet Dr.Chandra Kanneganti From Hyderabad, Who Is Now The Lord Mayor In UK

Hyderabad origin Dr.Chandra Kanneganti, a physician who migrated to the UK after completing his MBBS from Guntur Medical College, has been recently elected as Lord Mayor to the city of stoke-on-Trent recently.

His primary education was in a small government school in Hyderabad. Dr.Chandra qualified as the General Practitioner and was awarded the Fellowship from the Royal College of General Practitioners, UK.

He later took his plunge into UK politics and joined the then opposition and now ruling party- The Conservative Party in the UK. The parties’ principles and his interest in leadership activities have drawn him towards standing up as a councilor in the Stoke- on- Trent city council.

He was elected the Deputy Lord Mayor last year in 2020, which is the first time ever in the council history that an Indian origin man elected as the Deputy Mayor. Stoke-on-Trent is the 12th biggest city in the UK and with a large Pakistani Population, who have backed Dr.Chandra’s Candidacy.

Dr. Chandra was elected as the Lord Mayor of the city, recently in May making him the first Lord Mayor of Indian Origin to the city’s council and also the first-ever Telugu person to be elected to a Lord Mayor post in the whole of UK.

General gaa akkada mayor selection process ‘Supplementary vote system’ dwara jaruguthundi. Ante prathi voter ‘First preference and Second preference’ select cheskovaali. So, evariki ekkuva first preference vachindho, vaallu mayor avthaaru..

Proud moment for all the Telugu people as Telugu people continue to shine across the world.

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Dr. Chandra after assuming charge as the Lord Mayor

The list of Lord Mayors of the city:

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