This Hyd Startup Provides Virtual Phone Numbers WITHOUT Sim Cards & Here’s How


Manam velle malls lo nunchi chese shopping dhaka, bank lo OTP’s nunchi edhaina website lo login dhaka.. Ekkadaki vellina em chesina mana mobile number lenidhe em cheyalem..

Morning lesinappati nunchi night padukone dhaka enno spam calls messages ani manaki asalu avasaram leni muchatlu annitiki care of address mana mobile number eh…


A Doosra phone number that promises freedom from spammers..

Aythe veetannitiki check pettadaniki mana Hyderabad based startup Ten20 Infomedia vallu Doosra ane app ni design chesi develop chesaru.

Doosra was formally launched by Industries and IT Minister KTR garu., He had said adding that he himself has been a victim of spamming and Doosra would be of help to him.



Asalu em chesthadi ee Doosra..?

Doosra anagane bowling action anukokandi, it’s an application name, idhi manaki sim lekundane oka 10 digit number ni generate chesthadi. So that mana personal number ni only limited ga family, friends and closed contacts ki mathrame ichi ee Doosra number ni public ki use cheyochu..

Sim lekunda kuda ee Doosra app generate chesina number anni types of text messages including OTP’s nunchi business related eh details ayina carry cheyagaluguthadi..


Founder and CEO Aditya Vuchi said that:

“The consequences of sharing our personal mobile number is we become a target of endless spam calls and messages, attempts of scam, phishing, and fraud, non-stop harassment by strangers and constant violation of privacy by brands,”


Doesn’t access our personal data..

Doosra app mana personal data or gallery photos, call log, phone book gurunct ala dheniki access chese permissions adagadhu vere mobile apps laga…

All incoming calls to the Doosra number are automatically blocked or sent to voicemail or let through depending on settings and preferences. All incoming messages are placed in the `Messages’ folder on the app and can be reviewed later…



Asalu ela work chesthadi ee Doosra..?

Doosra stops all unwanted calls with a smart call filter on the app and gives users the power to decide which calls should reach their phones.

Manam kuda return call cheyochu..

Doosra app dhaara mana personal number reveal cheyakundane app generate chesina random 10 digit number tho call cheyochu.. Appudu ah recipients ki app generate chesina number eh display avthadi..

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Idhi edho bagundi.. Mari dhiniki recharge ela..?

Mana mobile numbers ki aythe recharge chepinchukuntu nadipisthunnam kadha mari idhi Application based number kabati dhiniki recharges kakunda paid services subscription based ga design chesaru..

Doosra will charge Rs 501 for six months and Rs 701 for one year..

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CEO Vuchi said adding that the solution is being offered in collaboration with telecom players for giving the virtual number..

For KYC, it is piggybacking on the personal mobile number. The portal seeks the personal number at registration to forward the calls coming to the virtual number, Vuchi said adding that it works for mobile calls and not for those made on platforms like Whatsapp and others.


Actress Samantha also launched this App and says..

“We receive marketing calls every day. Doosra app will divert these calls into voicemail,”


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