India’s First Military Dogs To Detect Corona Virus: Meet Jaya, Casper & Mani

Last year corona virus valla manam entha ibhandi padina ee year lo mathram different methods lo virus ni control chesthu vaccinate cheskuntunnam. Virus ni detect cheyadaniki kotha way lo India dogs ki training isthundi..

Jaya, Casper & Mani, ee 3 Indian military dogs ippudu covid-19 samples ni detect cheyagalavu, they are well trained to identify the virus samples by our military officials.

According to reports, Colonel Surender Saini garu who is an army dog trainer shared that this would mark the first time for the Indian army to use dogs to detect covid-19

Casper is a 2 year old male dog from Cocker Spanial breed, where as Jaya and Mani are 1 year old female from Chippiparai breed. Both Mani and Jaya are from Tamil Nadu.

Mana Indian Tamil Nadu Chippiparai breed lo dogs body lean ga undi legs poduvuga untai, and Mani inka training lo ne undi, Jaya and Casper are the first two canines trained to detect COVID-19 cases from sweat and urine samples.

November 2020 nunchi Casper and Jaya ki Chandigarh and Delhi lo mana military training isthundi. Ivvi around 806 transient samples screen chesthe vaatilo 18 covid 19 positive samples ni detect chesai..

Military vallu inka 7 dogs ki kuda training start chesaru, training complete ayaka anni dogs ni different areas lo frontline workers laga duty cheyistharu..

According to reports, Colonel Surender Saini garu, instructor at the Army’s Remount Veterinary Corps (RVC) said that:

These dogs can detect COVID-19 with 95% accuracy. A dog can screen approximately 100 samples in an hour with a rest period of five minutes after every 15 minutes.

To screen passengers at airports and railway stations.

France, Germany, Russia, UK.. Inka chala countries lo ipatike ila dogs ki covid 19 detection training ivvadam start chesaru, especially ivvi airports and railway stations lo passengers ni screen cheyadaniki use chestharu..

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