Here’s The Untold Story Behind The Doctors Strike In Andhra Pradesh!


Wearing a white coat, gives you a lot of responsibility. And that is not gonna come in an easy way. Sleepless nights, endless preparations and never ending examinations. Even after crossing all these stages, yet not receiving the tag of a Doctor, that is when you realize the hardwork you have done all these years had gone in vane just because of some external factors. That is what happening to the Medical students in Andhra Pradesh. From the past two three months they have been doing strikes, trying to put on their demands in-front of the government, yet the public and media is just trying to put up the issue in the other way around. All we see in the news is “Junior Doctors Strike – Patients are facing the trouble”.

Treating a patient without a license is treated as a Medical crime. One of the agenda behind the strike getting the registration for whatever they have studied. The Medical students across the government colleges in AP are facing a lot of issues regarding their license and Stipends. The main agendas behind the strikes include issue of stipends and doctors license. The stipend for House surgeons is Rs.10580/- and for PG students is around 23-25 thousand per month. After state division the doctors haven’t got the stipends. After a lot demands and strikes they received stipend for 2016 in 2018. And now the government have kept the stipends for 2018 on hold again. Along with the issue of stipends the doctors are also demanding for 15% hike. Many politicians and Medical college representatives have given word of mouth but they haven’t been any further written confirmation given on it.

Coming to the Doctor license issue, In 2010 there is special rule that has been included in the registration bill that every MBBS student should do one year rural service in order to get the license. Later that rule has been taken off but no amendment has been giving to the medical council. That thing has now became a nightmare for all the students, as the council is demanding the rural service for registrations. The political leaders and ministers gave a word of mouth that they will discuss the matter in the Assembly but there is no such discussions happening there. APJDU since two months trying their best to put forward their problems before government but they are not getting the response they are anticipating. Worked for hours yet not getting paid for it? Studied for years yet not receiving the license.. The problem of Doctors in AP is something everyone should know. Let us stand with Doctors and support them in getting their demands.


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