Here’s To The Men Who Have Been The Victims Of A Society That Often Tends To Forget Their Struggles!


(This article is not against women, but talks about the issues men often face but go unnoticed)
Generally, when the topic of women empowerment of is brought to light, people feel that it is up to them to actually take active participation in it. But at the same time when someone tries to talk about the wrong doings done to men, it is often considered illogical and a lot of people feel offended when it is brought up. It is seen to be politically incorrect to sound out such concerns especially when we are in an environment where everyone is really hung up on the crime done against women.

However, there is a need to talk about it because it is a prime concern especially if it is beyond belief that justice is a right to every individual regardless of their gender. Haven’t we all recently read on WhatsApp – a joke that questions why don’t we have the same attention for Men’s Day just like we have for Women’s Day? It is considered as a ‘light’ joke at that time and we laugh at the idea and share it as a meme. But, thinking of it on a bigger scale..Yes, why isn’t men’s day really not given that significance?

We might never have pinned men to be innocent. Sometimes, we quickly come to a conclusion that a man is wrong and we don’t think it’s necessary to even conduct an investigation. When news of an abused woman hits the headlines, half of us are already convinced that it is the man’s mistake. But how many of us have thought otherwise? Our government has implemented some of really liable laws which do help the women a lot. Nevertheless, we live in a society where in a matter of seconds, the right becomes the wrong and the right ceases to exist.

In 2007, as per a study done by “Delhi-based Centre for Civil Society, it was found that approximately 18% of Indian adult men reported being coerced or forced to have sex. Of those, 16% claimed a female perpetrator and 2% claimed a male perpetrator”. Well, due to one particular section – “IPC 375”, a man cannot file a case against the perpetrator, because as per our law rape can only be done by men to women. As per Save Indian Family Foundation, suicide rate amongst married men is twice compared to women due to “unable to withstand verbal, emotional, economic and physical abuse”. Survey carried by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in 2012 says “nearly 200,000 people, including 47,951 women, were arrested over dowry offences with only 15% of the accused were convicted”

One such incident in recent times is Rohtak sisters case. Two Sisters – Pooja and Aarti became an overnight sensation last year after a video that showed the two women beating up men they claimed were harassing them on a moving Haryana Roadways went viral online. Three men were accused and convicted under women harassment. The whole nation and media went on showing the news about bravery of these sisters. But the case took a turn when the investigation was put ip in a lie detection test. Three men who had been arrested over harassment, passed the test whereas these two sisters failed. When proved wrong these two sisters made a statement “We did all these to get fame”. As long as our mindset thinks that “Men are always wrong”, incidents like these will continue to take place.

Many laws like Domestic violence act, law IPC 498A were all made for noble causes. But nowadays, these are used in an ill manner. If a woman wants to settle score with someone, all she has to do is file a case on him stating he has violated her rights, and voila!..we have that man behind bars even before he could defend himself. Many might actually come up with a question as to why should we care? If you’re a woman, and one of your brothers, son, father or any relative has been accused of such wrongdoing and no matter how much you know he is innocent, he would still be guilty in the eyes of others. If you are man, then there is no doubt that you should care.

In today’s time, especially the social media era, people quickly fall for posts they ‘unknowingly’ sympathise for. A lot of stories get shared on Facebook/Twitter while the authenticity of such news still remains a big question. A perfect example to this is in Aug 2015, news of ‘Biker accused of harassing Delhi girl Jasleen Kaur’ went viral. The girl’s Facebook post saw over 36,000 shares and the police arrested the guy in question. However, later, the “accused” Sarvjeet Singh, said people had heard just “one side of the story” without asking any questions. Everyday, incidents like these are on the rise and few men, with a fear of being ‘blamed by society’, do not even report such incidents. This talk is not against all the women..but for those men who need to come out and speak about ‘injustice’ caused by few women.

Aa lot of you’ll reading this might come out with statements blazing against me for writing this. But, hold on for a second and give it a thought. There are things like these happening around us. If not in our house, definitely in our colony. But you haven’t heart of it? Why? – This is exactly what I want to convey here.

Not all men are wrong.. At least not every time

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.
-Desmond Tutu


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