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Ninna manollu adarakodutunnarani entho santhoshanga match chusthunte.., varsham vacchindi.., aa varsham edho ikkada mandipothunna areas lo padachu kadhaa ani tittukuntu.., eppudu restart chesthaara ani chustunna.. inthalo DLS method prakaram projected scores ivi ani oka list pettaru..


46.1 overs daggara New Zealand 211/5 daggara unnapudu aagindi match okavela match ni 46 overs ki reduce appudu India score 211 undaali kaani 237 enti ani oka second doubt vachi assalu aa formula kanipettindi evarra ani Wikipedia peddamma ani adigithe ila cheppindi.

The Duckworth–Lewis–Stern method (DLS) is a mathematical formulation designed to calculate the target score for the team batting second in a limited overs cricket match interrupted by weather or other circumstances. The method was devised by two English statisticians, Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis and was formerly known as the Duckworth–Lewis method (D/L). It was introduced in 1997, and adopted officially by the ICC in 1999. After the retirements of Duckworth and Lewis, Professor Steven Stern became the custodian of the method and it was renamed to its current title in November 2014.


Eppudo attempts raasi vadilesina mathematics formula la unna ee theory ni chusi kaasepu thala gokkuni, ela aina telusukovali ani fix ayyi videos books anni chusesi motthaniki ardham cheskunna… Meeku simple ga explain chestha. Interest unte ee table save chesi pettukondi.


Ninna Newzealand vallu 211 score 5 wickets unnappudu 46.1 over daggara aapesaaru
so lets assume
S = Final score of team batting first
R1 = Resources available for team 1 (According to Table it is 87.3 )
R2 = Resources avaible for team 2 (According to table it is 96.1)

therefore, Target = (s x (R2/R1)) + 1 = (211 x (96.1/87.3)) = 232.26 + 1 = 234 (Round figure)


From 2015, DL (Duckworth, Lewis method) Method, DLS (Duckworth, Lewis, Stern) aindi, Stern oka software ga ee method ni develop chesi oka confidential theory ga deenni ready chesaaru.


Reserve Days

ICC ki kuda varsham padina prathi sari ee thokkalo lekkalu vesi chiraku vacchinattu undhemo…oka fair method lo winner ni decide cheyyali ani ee World Cup knock-out stages ( Semi Finals & Finals )ki Reserve Days ane concept ni introduce chesindhi.

Asalu endhuku ee Reserve Days??

Indhaka manam matladukunnattu maximum match ni adhe day complete chesela chudataniki ee DLS methods lantivi vaadatamo, match ni minimum of 20 overs per team ki reduce cheyyatamo ledha match ni 2hrs paatu extend cheyyatamo chestharu. In case ee methods emi workout avvaka result thelakapothe ee Reserve Days concept ni continue chestharu.

Ee reserve Day lo Overs reduction undadhu…mundhu roju game ekkadaithe aagipoyindho akkadi nunche continue chestharu. So, eeroju match 46th over loni 2nd ball bowl cheyyatam tho start auddhi & New Zealand innings ayyaka India full 50 overs innings asusal aadatharu.


Ee Reserve Day roju kuda Varsham babai enter aithe enti sangathi?

Ilanti scenario ne ganaka vasthe, CWC19 League stage lo edaithe team points table lo higher position lo undho aa team Finals ki progress authundhi. Ante present points table chusukunte mana India first place lo, New Zealand 4th place lo unnayi. So, mana India Finals ki enter authundhi.

2nd semi finals lo Australia second position and England 3rd position lo unnai kabatti, Australia Finals ki progress authundhi. ( Okavela valla match ki kuda same ee scenario repeat aithe )

Okavela Finals lo ee scenario repeat aithe, ee World Cup ni rendu finalist teams share chesukuntayi.


Nakocchina doubt entante…For the first time oka One Day International match 2 days jaragabothundhi kabatti, Reserve day roju kuda varsham padi, possibility unte DLS method use chestharo, ledha India ni direct ga Finals ki pampistharo chudali. It’s crazy i say.

Ee Reserve Days eppudu untayi ?

Semi final 1: India vs New Zealand at Old Trafford – Wednesday 10th July (10.30am BST start time)

Semi final 2: England vs Australia at Edgbaston – Friday 12th July (10.30am BST start time)

Final: Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 at Lord’s – Monday 15th July (10.30am BST start time)


According to SportStar
The last World Cup to feature reserve days was the 2007 edition, in the West Indies, while they were also used the last time it was held in England, in 1999. Only two matches made use of it then; incidentally one of them was India, which eventually knocked England out.

Source: ICC


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