Things You Will Commonly Find In All VV Vinayak Films!


V V Vinayak, is quite well known for his high intensity action-comedy movies. He is currently one of Tollywood’s most bankable directors with a string of hits in his kitty. He’s the go-to man when stars want to launch their children in a film with commercial values. Vinayak never fails to entertain the audiences, an average cine-goer thoroughly enjoys his films be it on the big screen or the small screen.

All the great directors follow a set pattern in their work, Direction and screenplay elements that they repeat in several films. These patterns become their trademarks, an indication as to whose film you are watching. The following are things we commonly observe in a VV Vinayak film.


1. Chasing Sequences
Tata Sumo, Bolero and Scorpio, the vehicles might have changed over the years according to current trends but the chasing scenes have remained as a common factor in every one of his films. The high drama that he builds with these chases are so thrilling that they manage to pull the audiences all on their own stead.



2. Dual Role
VV Vinayak seems to have a curious love towards dual roles right from his initial days. Several of his movies have had the lead actor playing dual roles. On occasion, he had a villain play a dual role.



3. Flashback Episode
Out of the 14 movies he directed, 12 have a flashback episode with twists and turns that play a crucial role in film. In several films, the flashback episode involves the killing of an important character. The death of that character is the trigger incident that motivates the actions of the protagonist.



4. A Comedian in the Villains Gang
There may or may not be other comedic relief in the movie, but one of the villain’s henchmen is usually a comedian who does his best to drive the Villain crazy at all times. Putting a comedian beside a serious villain is usually a masterstroke that brings out spontaneous comedy even in most serious situations.



5. Chemistry between hero and heroine
The lead pair of a VV Vinayak film usually never seem to get along at the beginning. After a few Tom & Jerry-ish quarrels later, the girl ends up falling for the guy over some trivial incident.



VV Vinayak is going through a lean patch right now. His films have a way of connecting with the emotions of the common audience. A huge box-office treat from VV Vinayak is always just around the corner.


These are just some common things that we spotted. Did you find any things we might have missed out? Feel free to comment.

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