Check Out Dilkush Dheeraja’s Take On How Tollywood’s Romance Has Changed Over The Years!


Dilkush Dheeraja Tollywood ni baaga observe chesthundi. Manam periginatte cinema kuda appati kaalam ninchi ippudu perigindi. Ala perigina mana cinema lo oka hero thana love ni express chese styles lo kuda chaala maarpulocchaayi. Avanni ela untaayo chesina oka compilation idhi. Do check it out!



Presenting Dilkush Dheeraja, our brand new talent. She is your everyday girl, cranky, crazy but not complicated by any stretch of the word. She is a former RJ and currently lives in Australia. Keep following this space for her take on everyday things. Do SUBSCRIBE to Dheeraja’s YouTube channel to get awesome video content delivered right into your inbox every Tuesday.

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