Here Is What Our Stars Have To Say About Jakkanna In Their Own Style!

Places you dream is where Rajamouli wakes up in. He for sure, is the ‘Man of the Moment’ and beyond. Every time he strikes with a masterpiece we are all out of options but to bow down to him. Forget us for a second. It seems even the stars are here to pay homages to this Iconic Film maker.


Julayi Maatallo
Superstar on the Superman
Gautham Nanda on the Legend Himself.
Daya Ki Dhamki
One Legend on Another


Victory Voice lo…
Bhai Bole To


Everyone listen to the Don.


Baba Rannchod Das has finally found his Guru.




Bhiku Matre Yaad hai?
mantre (1)
Meanwhile, Abhishek Pathri, an actor and a stage performer, besides being a huge Rajamouli fan, had this to say about him.

Eenaati Taaja Vaartalu…Aavalintaki kaaadu Ascharyaaniki teruchukunna Norulu…Sarikotta Sanchalanaatmaka…

Posted by Abhishek Pathri on Saturday, July 11, 2015

Note: We posted a sarcastic article on the response to Baahubali yesterday, and most people didn’t get it. We had to make all of them understand what our intention was. Thala praanam thokaki vachesindi! Babulu, memu direct ga esthe ila untundi, indirect ga esthe ala untundi. Daya chesi ardham cheskogalaru.

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