The MSD Effect: This Is How Dhoni Super Fans Are Coping Up After His Retirement


“Thanks a lot for ur love and support throughout.from 1929 hrs consider me as Retired”


This words and a video from our forever captain MS Dhoni mada all us shocked, next year World Cup matches lo chudachu ane hope tho untunna manaku adho pedha shock ane chepali..

He made us believe that Cricket is not only a game of skill but also smartness. We all miss him a lot in the blue jersey…



Mana andharaki Dhoni ni ika pai blue jersey lo chudalemu ane thought vasthane edho la unte, there are some super fans to Dhoni who worships him like a God. Dhoni ekkadiki velthe akkadiki.. Eh match aduthe ah match ki.. Opponent evaru anedhi vallaki mukyam kadhu Team lo Dhoni unnada ledha anedhi vallaki matter…


Dhoni Super Fan, Ram Babu

Rambabu is from Mohali, Punjab. He has watched more than 200 of Dhoni’s matches in the stadium in 11 years.
He has five permanent Dhoni themed tattoos on his body, with all this sleepless nights, travel, fandom, Rambabu worships Dhoni like a God..



Dhoni sponsors Rambabu’s tour when there is a match in abroad.

Foreign lo eppudu ekkada matches unna kani Dhoni valla managers tho tickets send chestharu ata, okasari ilane T20 World Cup 2014 Bangladesh ki vellaka India Pakistan match mundhu roju Dengue fever tho suffer avthunna Rambabu ki Dhoni ne treatment and karchulu chuskoni intiki pampadu ata…



Rambabu shared a memory to a report that..

My health deteriorated the night before the India-Pakistan match. Took medicine from Team India’s doctor Nitin Patel, but nothing was effected.

Then the doctor said that treatment is needed. I had dengue. Then Dhoni sent me back from the flight and got treatment. I refused to come back from them, but they scolded and sent me back. Here the doctor said that if there was a delay of 4-5 days, then perhaps the matter could have worsened. Mahi sir paid the entire cost of treatment. To give a second life, I want to say thank you to Mahi sir.



After the sudden retirement of MS Dhoni, the super fan Rambabu emotionally posted a video by saying

“Jab tak suraj chand rahega Dhoni sir ka naam rahega. “



He said to a report that..

All I know is that till the last breath, writing Dhoni sir’s name on the chest, I will keep cheering Team India.



Dhoni also have a Super Fan from Pakistan

The Karachi born Mohammad Bashir Bozai’s aka Chacha Chicago, this 65 year old man from Pakistan is a Super Fan of Dhoni. He runs a restaurant in Chicago.



He shared some moments with Dhoni to a report that..

This particular incident during the 2015 World Cup I can never forget. I was there for a game in Sydney and was sitting in the sun, it was extremely hot.

Suresh Raina came from nowhere and gave me sunglasses. He said ‘it is from Dhoni bhai not me’. I smiled back at him.



And during the Asia Cup in 2018, he took me to his room and gave me his jersey. That was really special just like the two times when he gave me his bat.



By the sudden call of Dhoni’s retirement, he said that..

Dhoni has retired and so have I. I don’t see myself travelling for cricket again with him not being around. I loved him and he loved me back.

All great players have to call time one day but his retiring makes me sad and brings back a lot of precious memories. He deserved a grand send off but again he is beyond that…



He also said that,

I will go to his house in Ranchi when things get normal (post pandemic). That is the least I can do to wish him all the best for the future. I will also ask Ram Babu another super fan, from Mohali, to come with me.



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