Here’s Why ‘Kattappa’s Characterization’ Is One Of The Best Ones In Recent Times


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Ee movie ni, ledha mana Kattappa ni kinchaparachadam naa udhesham kadhu. Kevalam ee cinema medha unna prema tho naa ee chinna prayatnam. Kattappa ni inko konam lo nundi chuste elaguntadi ane crazy thought lo nundi puttindhi ee article.

You all know Kattappa is a great warrior and a slave to the throne of Mahismathi, but I’m sure you’re unaware of “what Kattappa actually is?”. He is a detective! Yes, you read it right. He knows everything about the Mahismathi and almost everything the world outside. If there was a Facebook profile for Kattappa, his bio would read “Slave by birth, Warrior by profession and a Detective by passion. Wannabe Sherlcok Homes!”. You’ll come to know this by going in detail of Kattappa’s characterisation. Let’s dig the mud!


1. After Sivagami orders Baahubali to go and learn about the world outside. When they reached to a river, while Baahubali gets shock seeing the dead bodies in the water, Kattappa looks pretty normal because he knew already who they are and who killed them.


2. Again Baahu was surprised with a sudden attack on Devasena by robbers. He had no idea about what was happening around until Kattappa pitches in with his intelligence. Now, how he knows that. Rule 1 being a detective: Should keep an eye on the people around you, find their motive by their body language, not by their dressing. You don’t even see an inch of doubt on Kattappa’s face because he’s a detective goddamn it!


3. While an unknown army attacking the gates of Kunthala, Kattappa identifies them as Pindarees. How did he identify them? One thing is their attire and the other thing is Kattappa knew already they were situated near Kuntala as he already witnessed their brutality in a nearby village. He tells who they are and what has to be done! Just Detective things.


4. Baahubali is ready with the army of Kunthala to attack the Pindarees. Oh wait! Where is Kattappa? Where did he go? He knows the strength of Kunthala’s army and Kunthala could be in trouble unless they take the help of farmers. When a Warrior cum Detective is on the side of Kunthala, what else Pindarees could do other than just die?


If you think Kattappa’s detective brilliance is just limited to the second part of the series, then you’re no less than Kumara Varma. Let’s try to dig from part 1 too.


5. After Sakethudu stole the military secrets, Baahu and Balla were asked to find the traitor in the neighboring kingdoms. Finally, when they found him and chased down at the top of the hill, Kattappa suddenly appears with his own army from nowhere and indirectly helps Baahu’s life. How did he know where Baahu and Balla headed? It’s a simple logic. Baahu and Balla might have visited Singhapuram after few Kingdoms, but Kattappa visits Singhapuram directly since he knew Singhapuram is a den of thieves. Afterall, he’s a Detective!


6. Before the war with the terrible Kalakeyas, Kattappa gives valuable information about the war strategy of Kalakeyas and its chief. Don’t ask me how did he know about the war strategy of Kalakeyas? Rather, ask me is there anything that Kattappa unaware of?


7. During the coup in “Mahismathi” to over throw “Sivagami” the kings of supporting kingdom were killed by “Kattapa’s” royal army. He knew that there was a threat to the kingdom and something was going on.

Sherlock Holmes Who? Kattappa Rocks! Just remember the name, Kattappa…. Karikala Kattappa Nadar!


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