Here’s What We Plan To Do With All The YouTube Revenue From “Nenu Mee Kalyan” Web Series!


Even a novice YouTuber knows that in YouTube terms, Views translates to money. We concluded the first season of our maiden web series recently. We received over a crore views for the 5 episodes on YouTube and Facebook combined. And we did make some money off of it. Our team was of the opinion that WE YOU & US together should take this opportunity to give back something to the society. Our team has decided that the revenue generated by our maiden venture should go to a good cause. We are donating the revenue generated from YouTube to two organisations whose work we have been following for a while.

The main reason behind this act is to spread awareness about these organisations and the kind of work they do. We as a platform have always been sharing the works of organisations such as this to as many people as we can. We hope that every socially responsible person can take up this cause and give something back to society through genuine organisations like these. Watch this live video for details about the organisations and why we are doing this.



About the above organisations

This organisation has been making great efforts to help the farmers of our country engage in sustainable agriculture. They provide training sessions for farmers so that they can reduce the input cost and maximize profits on their crops. Check out their Facebook page HERE for more details about how you can support them.


Youth For Seva
This is a volunteering platform that provides opportunities to busy working individuals who want to give back something to the society. If you find that your everyday responsibilities are way to overwhelming and you can’t find space to do any social activities even though you might want to. Youth for Seva provides you the opportunity to just that by taking into account your availability and map you to where you are needed. Check out their Facebook page HERE for more details about how you can support them.

If you wish to contribute, mail us at


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