This Indian Version Of F.R.I.E.N.D.S Will Make You Go O.D.I.Y.A.M.M.A


There are only two types. The ones who absolutely love FRIENDS and the ones who hate it. There’s no in between ikkada. Prathi gang lo oka FRIENDS pichodu untadu. Mana gang lo nadarni FRIENDS lo characters tho compare chestuntadu, Arey Nuvu Chandler, Nenu Joey ani. Eeroju ah friend gadi gunde pagalabotundi anamata.


Apparently there’s an Indian version of the show called, Desi FRIENDS. (Yes, FRIENDS ni kuda remake chesi dobbaru.)

If you’re a FRIENDS die-hard fan, The video you’re about watch will make you break things and might make you shout ‘PREEEEETHYYYYY WHAAT IS THIS, I DON’T ACCEPT THIS’. Watch at your risk.


Idhi chusi coma loki poyina konni FRIENDS-army spandanalu:

Maku kuda ilane undakka


YouTube lo undandi, Die


Snanam chesi odham


Same same


Send this to a FRIENDS obsessed bidda in your gang! Watch him cry in the corner.


If you’re already shattered, Here’s more news for you, Mana andari favorite ‘The Office’ ni kuda Hotstar specials ani cheppi chaaala recent ga remake chesaru. Bhagawantudaa, Ee pandemics nunchi nuvve kapadalayya.


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