9 Things That You Will Definitely Relate To If You’re A Fan Of Denims!


Yes. We love our denims so much that we hate to change into something else even at nights.



It’s been there since before we were born and will continue to be there as long as there are men like us.



Date ka? Perfect. Function ka? Classy.. Party ka? Cool.. Name one place where you can’t go sporting this look.



Asalu jeans invent chesindhe for the obvious fact that we don’t need to wash them regularly. Best for the bunch of lazy dudes like us.



Oka bike, Oka backpack, Oka denim jacket, Oka long ride, Venakoka ammayi. Every guy’s dream. Think about it.



Idhe ma taaraka mantram. Mundu oka jeans veseskoni aa tharvatha theerigga alochistham daniki em set avthadhani.



Shop kelthe first vethike rack adhe. Sale ante app lo first pette filter adhe. Enni chusina aakhariki idhe select cheskuntam



Blue is our favorite. Wardrobe mottham nindipoyina inka kontune untam



Employees can relate to it. Evadanna Friday ante office lo ammaiyla kosamo, night party kosamo wait chesthadu.. Kanii memu metram aa formals viseresi maaku nachina jeans veskodaniki wait chestham.



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