Dengue ALERT Everywhere!! Know The Symptoms. Here Are 14 Tips To Save Yourself From It


Presently Telangana loni chala regions lo Dengue outbreak ekkuvaindhi. Ee mosquito ( Ee virus Aedes aegypti ane female mosquito bite dwara spread authundhi ) borne disease ki saraina vaccination kuda emi ledhu & Children, adults, elderly, all age groups are equally at risk of getting dengue. These type of mosquitoes bite during the day.

According to
” As per official records, more than 150 cases of vector-borne disease dengue were recorded in August 2019 alone, which records for the worst numbers this year. In addition, the mosquito-borne disease has claimed more than 50 lives, as mentioned in the reports. Over the past few days, 530 confirmed cases of dengue have been reported in the state, of which more than 370 are from Hyderabad. “


Ee issue ni handle cheyyatani government, fogging and anti-larval measures theesukuntundhi. But, ee problem ni control cheyyalante every individual konni preventive measures theesukovalsi untundhi. As they usually say ” Prevention is better than cure ”


Mosquitoes vaati eggs ni breed cheyyataniki water puddles, pits lanti wet, moist, cool and damp places ni choose chesukuntayi. Ilanti conditions ni mana surroundings lo eliminate chesi clean ga unchithe, dengue ekkuva spread ayye risk ni reduce cheyocchu.

Other Precautions :

Long-sleeve shirts and long pants vesukondi.

– Permethrin lanti repellents tho clothes ni treat cheyyandi. As an insecticide, it can be sprayed on clothing or mosquito nets to kill the insects that touch them.

– DEET lanti EPA – registered mosquito repellent ni skin ki apply chesukovacchu.

– Mosquito activity ekkuvunde dusk ( 6:30 PM to 7: 30 PM ) and dawn ( 5:30 AM to 6:30 AM ) timings lo windows and doors close cheseyyandi. Ee doors and windows ki mosquito netting vaadithe inka manchidhi. Mosquito coils / vaporizers ni use cheyyandi.

– Dustbins ni close chesi unchandi. Eppatiki appudu clean chesthu undandi.

– Drainage ni unclog cheyyandi.


– Refrigerator and Air conditioners venukala appudappudu water leak authu untundhi. Adhi stagnant water ga form avvakamundhe clean cheseyyandi.

-After watering flowers, a flower pot kindha unde plate loni water ni kuda clean cheyyandi. Flowers vases lo kuda Water ni niluva undanivvakandi.

– Roof gutter ni clean chesi, dani meedha BTI insecticides ni place cheyyandi.

– After usage, toilet seat lids ni close cheyyandi.

– Light up your home with bright lights.

– Mee inti chuttupakkala water puddles unte, vaatini sand to cover cheseyyandi.

– Water storage containers ni turn over ( borlinchandi ) cheyyandi.

– High body temperature is bite-friendly. So, Water ekkuva thaagandi, andhuvalla body heat/temperature control lo undi mosquito bites nunchi prevent chesthundhi.


P.P.S : According to Pregnant woman should be extra cautious.

According to Dr. Sudhir Chalasani, General Medicine, practising at Chandanagar Apollo Clinic opines, “Mosquitoes are very attracted to carbon dioxide. That is why if you are pregnant, the chances of getting bitten by a mosquito is more because you tend to release more carbon dioxide.


According to Centers for Disease Control, Dengue’s symptoms are :


So, adhi matter. Enni measures follow aina Domala bat chethilo pattukuni okko domani esesthu, tap tap tap mani vacche sounds vintu anandhapadatam anedhi seperate emotion. Edhemaina ee preventive measures ni follow avvandi, Stay safe and stay healthy.


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