What’s It Like To Be A Food Delivery Guy? An Ode To All The Hunger Saviors


This is 2018. Technology oka range lo advance aindhi. Minimum sampadana unna evari chethilo aina sare, Oka smartphone untundhi. Jio punyamaa ani internet kuda easily available aipoindhi. Oka maadhiri knowledge unna prathi manishi ki, Smartphone lo bill kattochu, cinema lu chudochu, shopping cheyyochu and even food kooda order cheyyochu ani thelusu.

Especially cities lo untunna manaki, Food ordering oka luxury ey kadhu, necessity kuda aipoindhi. Entha kadhanukunna sare, at an average, week ki okkasari food delivery apps nunchi food order chestham manam. And inka mana daggara offers unte, aagedhe ledhu. Order cheseyadame…


Food mana intiki vastundhi, paiga aa restaurant lo dorike danikanna thakkuva rate lo. Intha adbhutamaina deal chudagane, evarikaina order cheyyali anipisthundhi. Deenivalla manaki satisfaction unna Sare, most importantly aa restaurant ki kani, food delivery app vallaki kani okka rupai loss kuda undadhu. Kani ee process anthatilo oka group of people mathram gattigane exploit avthunnaru. Valle food delivery boys…


How come they are being exploited?

Oka smartphone, bike, locality & navigation gurinchi minimum knowledge evaru aina sare ee job lo join avvochu. Per delivery & radius of distance Param ga intha money antu untundhi delivery boys ki. Distance and weight of food increase aithe vallaki incentives kuda untayi. So, money kosam continuous ga 12 hours work chese delivery boys kuda unnaru. Ila companies anni delivery boys ki added incentives isthu vallani exploit chesthunnayi ane cheppali. Recent ga aa vacche kastho kustho money kuda sarigga time ki ivvatledhani Swiggy delivery boys protest ki dhigaru.


Do they have to deliver even when it is raining?

Yes, delivery boys work irrespective of the weather conditions. “Varsham paduthunnapudu kuda pani cheyyala” ani manam anukovachu. Kani manam Varsham paduthunnapudu order chese prathi sari, we pay extra money in the app. That money is given as incentives to these delivery boys. “Incentives vasthunnay ga, Varsham ey ga, deliver cheddam parledhu” ane mindset lone work chestharu chala mandhi delivery boys…


Are delivery boys risking their lives?

‘Risking their lives’ is a big statement but yes, they are in a hurry almost everytime they deliver food. Pizza delivery boys ki aithe time deadline untundhi and food app delivery boys ki ekkuva deliveries isthe ekkuva incentives vasthay ani untundhi.

There were actually instances when these pizza delivery boys almost put their lives in danger in a hurry to deliver food. ‘Antha risk cheyyalsina avasaram enti, maha aithe delivery late avtundhi’ anukuntam manam. But pizza delivery boys are paid on monthly basis and delivery late aithe, vallaki vache thakkuva salary nunche money cut avtundhi.


‘But then, all delivery boys are not polite and humble. Some are very rude to customers’

TRUE. I personally had a bitter experience with a delivery guy once. He literally had a fight with me because I didn’t have the required change and he was in a hurry to deliver his food. Ikkada kuda, we have to understand something that all delivery boys will not be of the same mindset and most of the times, they have to get through busy disturbing traffic to reach us. So, konni sarlu ila jaragadam common ey. Because of things like this, we cannot say that ‘All delivery boys are bad’


Finally, I would like to say one thing. Even if he is getting paid for what he is doing, that guy is bringing food for us safely every time we order. So, appudappudu pizza delivery late aina sare, let us not ask him for a refund because we don’t know how important his salary is to his family.

If a delivery boy is drenched in rain while delivering us the food, manaki veelaithe oka towel iddam. He will not run away with the towel anyways… ;). Yendana badi vasthe oka glass water iddham, they’ll feel good.

These are the little things that we can do to make them happy. Andharu pakka ga cheyyali ani ledhu but it doesn’t take much of our efforts to do such things. It is our way of making a person happy & satisfied about his work.

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