Meet The 99-Year-Old Baamma Garu Who Defeated Corona


Will power undale kaani, Edhi impossible kadhu antaru peddhalu. last month meeru chusi unte USA lo oka 103 year old woman corona ni defeat chesi, Ah victory ni oka chilled beer tho celebrate cheskunnaru.


Same anthe range crazy incident mana India lo recent kuda jarigindi.

Marceline Saldanha, A 99 year old woman from Karnataka defeated corona and here’s her interesting story:


It all started when initially when the 99 year old woman’s son Vijay(70) and daughter-in-law were tested positive for coronavirus. As Saldanha is a primary contact to them, She too was hospitalised.

Initially, the family approached a private hospital nearby for treatment, but they refused to accept COVID-19 patients.

Left with no option, the family got admitted to the federal government Victoria hospital.


While her son and daughter-in-law developed symptoms like cold, cough and fever, 99 year old Saldanha remained asymptomatic.

She was hospitalised exactly on her 99th birthday, i.e. June 18th.

And exactly, Nine days later, the lady walked out of the hospital together with her grandson on Friday. This makes her the oldest person in the state Karnataka to defeat the virus.

While the average recovery period for corona is observed to be about 17 days in the state, The 99 year old lady has recovered in only 9 days.


She tested negative even on repeated tests after which she was discharged as per protocol.

She was also suffering from hypertension when she was admitted to the hospital.

Dr Smitha S Segu, nodal officer in charge of Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, said in an interview,

“She was treated as per the protocol and we were elated to see her recover”

Her son Vijay said,

“We had reservations about the Victoria hospital, but it turned out be a good one. We did not spend a penny since the day we were admitted, And now me and my mother are fully recovered”


A doctor who attended on her, said the elderly woman did not trouble the staff and remained in good spirits all along.

“With moral support from doctors and nurses at the Trauma Care Centre, she recovered very fast. She is always positive in life” A doctor said about the elderly lady.

This definitely is a positive story. And Marceline Saldanha is a very strong lady who’s now an inspiration.


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